Drutex Front Doors

photo from 123rf

Drutex front doors offer a very high spectrum of possibilities to design the entrance into your own four walls.

The design is freely selectable from many interesting patterns or can be designed by yourself, as each door is individually made. The material is in each case very high-quality and excellently processed. Also with the colour of the front door or the form of the door handle, only the own taste is in demand. From classic white to anthracite, everything is represented. From a simple door handle to an intricate, playful look, there are no limits to your imagination. Whether, how much and which glass decorates your own front door is also up to you.


A front door can be as chic and artistic as it may be – if the aspect of security is neglected, it is useless.

Drutex takes security very seriously and offers individual solutions for every customer.

Even the standard version offers good stability. On request, a 5-fold locking system, a robust steel reinforcement and a second locking cylinder can be added. They work exclusively with manufacturers who have acquired an impeccable reputation over the years and use extremely resistant materials.

If that’s not enough, you can opt for a variant with automatic door locking or latching devices to make you feel completely safe at home.

Energy efficiency

Another important factor is the energy efficiency of the front door, especially in terms of heat permeability.

Drutex front doors are committed to outstanding energy efficiency and have come up with something special. The front door panel contains a multi-chamber profile system, which keeps the escape of heat as low as possible. Even the low-cost standard version contains a warm threshold and a thermal separating blade. The integrated sealing system prevents additional energy loss.

This not only protects the environment, but also your wallet.


Drutex front doors do an excellent job and offer the customer innumerable possibilities of co-development and co-determination. Whether the door is to be made of elegant wood or easy-care plastic, whether a classic or playful look is desired for the door handle, or whether the front door can even be opened from both sides, like a door leaf, is up to the customer.

Security and energy efficiency are key features of Drutex doors, as these are the most important attributes for all the different colour variants and design options.

The doors have a long life expectancy due to a carefully selected and high-quality material.

Here, security, efficiency and design are brought under one roof and the customer has a front door that will serve him faithfully.