It is said exactly: “Age is not hidden even with the help of the most luxurious dress, beautiful movelura, expensive diamonds, and first-class makeup.” The skin cover will give out the truth after time – you are not a young virgin. Eye-catching thoughts about changing appearance suggest that it is thus desirable to increase self-esteem. Plastic contour and volume will help reverse time. The road to young and healthy skin is short. You will need the correct setting of priorities – the choice of quality and active drug, which has proved itself from the positive sides of the clinic and a highly qualified specialist. Some of the most popular means are “Surgiderm” and “Radiesse.”



Surgiderm products are designed to care for mature (after 30 years) skin when wrinkle has become stable. Notably, Surgiderm has many variations (different density and viscosity of the drug) – for this reason, it can be used by women of different age categories – the selection of the agent should be carried out depending on the type and condition of the skin. Surgiderm has a remarkable property – it can prevent the emergence of new wrinkles in the area with a thin skin layer (preventive action to prevent age defects). Based on this information, it can be established that reaching the age of 30 is the time to get acquainted with injections. But the most important factors by which the choice will be made towards the plastic circuit and volume are the appearance and condition of the skin, not the “date of birth” column in the passport.

Corneal filers are based on the patented hyaluronic acid formula. A feature of this structure is resistant to temperature regime changes, the ability to better hold the shape. The huge advantage of the formula 3D Hyaluronic Acid Matrix Technology is resistance to hyaluronidase, a component under which skin tissues lose elasticity, due to which there is slack and sluggishness.


Features of operation

All Surgiderm fillers (Surgiderm 18, Surgiderm 24, Surgiderm 30, Surgiderm 30 XP, Surgilift Plus, Surgilips) of a single-phase, as a result – are exempted from microparticles (careful clarification), have uniformity, are absolutely biodegraded, without effort adapts to fabrics without complication in the form of rejection. They do not interfere with blood flow, oxygen enrichment, and nutrients, hormones, etc., i.e. they do not interfere with the natural processes occurring in the skin. Before using the drug, it is not necessary to carry out an allergic test – the agent does not cause allergies.

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Radiesse is a unique dermal filler based on calcium hydroxyapatite, having a unique triple mechanism of action: non-operative face lifting, long-term wrinkle correction, and skin quality improvement.

It works as a filler and stimulates the process of producing its own collagen. Unlike hyaluronic acid fillers, Radiesse provides correction not for 4-9 months, but for 12-15 months or longer, which is due to collagen-mediated action. Radiesse is one of the most studied and safe filers, whose scientific base includes more than 200 studies and publications.

It does not cause an inflammatory reaction in tissues, does not migrate and overtime is completely removed from the body. The structure препаратаRadiesse consists of the microspheres of synthetic hydroxyapatite of calcium (CaHA) (30%) weighed in water gel carrier of carboxymethylcellulose (70%):

  • Microspheres of CaHA (calcium hydroxyapatite) have the same shape, size varies from 25 to 45 mcm in diameter microspheres are rounded and have a smooth surface.
  • Ca2 and PO3- ions are natural components of the body, making them notoriously safe and biocompatible.
  • The gel carrier holds the microspheres together.


Features of operation

Mechanism of action: Triple effect with prolonged collagen stimulation. Due to its unique composition, the Radiesse filler has a triple action:

  1. Provides instant filling of volumes, filling of moderate and deep wrinkles.
  2. Restores the loop and allows lifting to be achieved.
  3. Improves skin quality by stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis.

That is, after the procedure, there may be 3 effects:

– Quick correction. Immediately after administration, the gel carrier in Radiesse replenishes the volume and instantly smooths the wrinkle

– Stimulation of neocollagenogenesis. After 2-3 months macrophages absorb the gel, calcium microspheres remain, they stimulate the production of new collagen, the skin surface remains flat.

– Lifting and restoring the contour. Cells in the skin produce collagen, forming a new dermal matrix. This new fabric, combined with calcium hydroxyapatite particles, CaHA long-term structural support and promotes a longer duration of effect. Thanks to this mechanism action of Radiesse continues up to 12 months and a dolsheprotsedur with Radiesse. The procedure of administration of the drug lasts 30-60 minutes, it is painless, leaves no pronounced swelling and allows to return immediately to normal activity. You can buy Radiesse here online at pleasant prices.

It is necessary to know that the correction of wrinkles with the drug Radiesse has the right to be carried out by a doctor who has been trained and has received a certificate giving him the right to use it in practice.


How do I determine which Surgiderm or Radiesse tool you need?

An experienced doctor will be able to solve this issue correctly and competently. Mainly, the information will be collected on the state of health, proportions of the facial zone, type of skin cover, number and depth of wrinkles, but the patient ‘s wishes are always taken into account, so do not hesitate to talk about your preferences with the doctor. The specialist will be able to select the necessary remedy and its dosage, the appropriate method and plan of the procedure, having properly studied all details of your history. The introduction of the filler will help to get an excellent effect if the remedy is selected correctly and the technique of introduction was fulfilled according to all standards.