An effective waterproofing from inside and outside is one of the most important prerequisites for being protected against moisture damage in the long term. A dry cellar with a functional seal offers more possibilities of use. If you want to avoid some serious damage you should contact KapitalBasements, our recommended experts in basement related issues.


Subsequent external sealing of the basement wall

Mainly passes through the vertical outer walls moisture in earth-contacting components. Since these areas are larger than the cross sections of the individual masonry and foundations, it is easy for the water to penetrate and thus damage the walls. For this reason, the vertical sealing in the renovation of a basement wall should be given great attention. We deal with the topic of the subsequent sealing of basement walls in the outdoor area.


Exterior sealing of basement walls – tips and information

If a basement wall is to be subsequently sealed from outside, it should be noted that these measures are not always recommended. In some cases, an inner seal is offered for this reason. In the subsequent renovation of basement walls, products and building materials listed in DIN 18195 “Building Sealing” are used outdoors. For example, bitumen thick coatings and also membrane-shaped sealing materials are used. In addition, mineral materials such. As rigid or flexible sealing slurry and barrier plasters used.


Before the renovation – The correct assessment of the building fabric

Before an optimal seal can take place, it is necessary that the conditions on the basement walls are expertly assessed. In the following overview you will find some important points that have to be considered.


  • also, the so-called load case must be judged expertly
  • the load case provides information about the type of moisture penetration
  • it can soil moisture, non-accumulating seepage, accumulating leachate, oppressive water and groundwater occur
  • After the occurring load case depends on which material can be used
  • the retrofitted vertical seal must always be “waterproofed” to the existing or retrofitted horizontal seal
  • Sealing systems, waterproofing and damage repair
  • It is necessary to resort to different sealing systems to ensure a comprehensive seal and protection. Drill holes in the wall. Then it is sealed against moisture in the masonry with ISOTEC special paraffin.


Basement waterproofing: How it works

In the medium term, a wet claim wants to affect the entire affected building, since it can lead to mold growth. This is unpleasant when the room is used as a living, hobby or work space. A damp wall in the basement can severely restrict its use.


It is therefore more important to turn to an expert when it comes to building protection. ISOTEC offers a comprehensive service from consultation to planning and implementation of waterproofing measures and ensures that the basement is protected from all sides. The sealing can be done outside or inside. A professional waterproofing your properties in the long term.


An external waterproofing in the form of a waterproof bitumen thick coating effectively protects the wall from the outside against moisture that penetrates laterally. Here, too, ISOTEC wants to assist you with professional processes and state-of-the-art sealing systems as well as drying techniques. A functional cellar seal allows you greater freedom of design in your basement. ISOTEC is your reliable partner for permanent dry system solutions.