Ever thought of making your own music? Yes you did, but the reason why you couldn’t make it big was because you weren’t able to find the perfect beat for your music. People sometimes think that the lyrics are what make a good song great, at times true as well, but what actually turn out to be the most imperative factor are the beats. If one can coordinate their beats along with their lyrics, for example the Alexander Hamilton lyrics, this is what sets the difference between a mediocre artist and a great artist, and this is why some artists want to buy beats.


How to better craft your beats with your lyrics?

Music is all about expressing your feeling and putting them into the right words; it’s how you let your emotions flow through these words. Beats are a totally different and a unique genre; it stands out from the rest of the genres and is also very popular. In the beginning, you shouldn’t be buying expensive or exclusive beats because you have just moved into the industry and it is recommended to first explore the market. Free beats can be handy and here are the reasons why:

  • Cost nothing
  • You can access them without limitations
  • A huge number of options to choose from
  • Great quality


Start of your music journey

Once you start working on your work, you can first explore from the various amount of beats available in the market which are free. These beats also have a great quality. Know that free beats don’t mean they’ll have bad quality; instead the quality is actually nice. Moreover, it makes sense to not invest in a beat in the early times when you know very less from the huge amount of options you have. The beats that are available online are also distinctive in nature. Every beat is different from the other and fortunately you also won’t find much repetition. All you have to do is look up the internet and see which beat suits you the most. According to this you further make changes to your style of music based on your lyrics and composition.


Know what you’re looking for

Once you start roaming the internet, you can get very confused if you don’t exactly know what you’re really here for. The first step to finding the perfect beat is to first know your target. Make sure that the beat goes with your lyrics and that you’re better able to send your message through a certain beat. If you get this right, you’re surely half way there because this is the most important factor for getting your song right. ‘


Keep exploring for more

The internet is full of information. It contains millions of beats on thousand different websites. Keep exploring your way through the internet and you’ll definitely come across what you’re looking for. You don’t really have to pay the artists anything in the start when you can also have thousands of free options to suit your music as well. Everything is at your fingertips and it is up to you to make the most out of it. There are options online for listening to the samples where you can also get different ideas.


How to choose a beat

Because of the huge number of beats that are offered on the internet, and the different features it comes with, one can definitely get further confused. The most important thing to know is what will be coming with the sale of a beat. What features include in the sale. Here are a few things you need to make sure of:

  • Quality of the sound
  • Royalty
  • Rights for synchronization
  • Flexibility


Quality of sound

The sound quality can vary among different beats. In order to stand out from the rest, you need to make sure that what you’re buying has a good quality otherwise it’s of no use. Poor sound can really mess up with the music and lead to disturbance rather than creating relief for the listener. clmtbeatz.com is one place to go to where they ensure the best quality out there.


You also need to realize that the beats you buy are fully royalty free. This would keep you out of the continuous troubles. There are a lot of various websites that provide 100 % royalty free beats and you need to be aware of it once you set your mind for getting one. Here at clmtbeatz.com, royalty is not an issue as various different packages are being provided for the users.

Rights for synchronization

clmtbeatz.com  also ensures the synchronization rights for its customers. These rights make life easy as you can use your beats with various other visual elements and craft it into a beautiful mix. This will add icing on the cake and will surely help you in the long run.


If you’ve decided to pay big amounts for your beats, you should also have them give it to you with all the flexible rights. Through this you can also attain exclusive rights to the beat that will make it your very own sound and only for your use only.


Having a go at buying hip hop beats can be a really difficult task. What you should always keep in mind that the quality is the most important aspect and you should not compromise on that. Obviously you’d be looking for cheaper options but make sure you compromise on the rights rather than the quality. You can’t have both with lesser amount, so it’s better to compromise on the rights. At clmtbeatz.com you can listen to the beats and get to know the sound quality. This would really help the music lovers to get a true feel of the sound.  Furthermore, we also have cheaper packages that include rights to the beat and you might also want to look that up.

This article helps you in comprehending all the factors you need to look for while buying beats online. You don’t have to worry about copyrights as well and online buying also keeps you away from the trouble. clmtbeatz.com is the apple for the music lovers that keeps the doctor away at all times.