League of Legends is a popular e-sport game that people cannot seem to get enough of. It is extremely addictive. People from just about every corner of the globe play League of Legends or LOL for short. The game is full of terminologies. You might have heard of ganking bot and smurfing. With so many different terms being used, it can be difficult for many players to understand what certain phrases even mean. If you have been regularly playing League of Legends, chances are that you might have come across the phrase “ELO Boosting”. So, what is ELO boosting and why are all the players talking about it? Let’s find out. If you have never heard of ELO boosting or just want to know more about it, this post is just for you. It is the secret you need to take your gameplay to the next level.

What Is ELO Boosting?

Also called MMR (Match Making Rating) boosting, ELO boosting is a service where a player that has a high ELO would boost someone’s game rank. It simply means that the player provides the other person with access to their personal account to fulfill the service. The boost would be complete once the booster reaches a particular league such as Diamond or Platinum. Then, the player would get his or her account back. Thus, the booster would be able to play with their new division and can also choose another boost.

While the boost in under process, the account owner cannot play LOL or log in to their account. Thus, they would have to do something else during that time. It does sound quite straightforward, but are you willing to let someone else boost your LOL account? It is a question that you need to ask yourself. Generally, when you use a reliable site such as https://eloboost24.eu/, you have nothing to worry about and can carry on with your day until your account is boosted.

Benefits of ELO Boosting

There are many benefits of ELO boosting. It allows players to achieve their goals in different ways. For instance, some players want to improve their seasons rank and get into the Master tier, while others want to unlock the Season Victorious skin. Many players simply want to outperform their friends and would do just about anything to ensure they have a higher division. No matter what goal one might have, ELO boosting helps them achieve it. The following are some of the benefits of ELO boosting.

  1. Less Time Spent Playing To Achieve Higher Division

Most players know how much time is required to reach a particular division. They can spend night and day trying to achieve a certain level while other parts of their lives are neglected. It can be difficult playing League of Legends while working a fulltime job or going to school. Besides, it is not healthy to spend the entire day playing the game to boost your ranking. Hence, ELO boosting is the perfect option. It allows players to achieve a higher division without having to spend a lot of time on the game. A booster would take your burden and ensure you get the help you need. Thus, you would have more time for doing other things rather than just playing LOL all day long.

  1. Saves Time

Another great benefit of ELO boosting in LOL is that it helps you save a ton of time. Just think about the time one spends getting from Bronze 1 to Gold 5. It would take months for one to get there. However, you can pay for a booster and reach that level within a few days. Instead, you can save months of your life by simply opting for a booster.

Is It Dangerous To Opt For ELO Boosting?

We live in a world where getting hacked has become quite common. Hence, it is obvious for League of Legends players to feel worried about ELO boosting and their account getting stolen. If your account has been hacked in the past, you would know just how frustrating it can leave you feeling. No player would want their LOL account to disappear after having put in the time to achieve a good division. This is why it is important that you buy ELO boosting from a trusted and respectable boosting such as ELO Boost 24 to ensure that your account does not get banned or stolen.

When you choose a reputable company for ELO boosting, you can rest assured knowing that it would use different methods to ensure that your account details have been safely stored. This means that the booster would never get to see the account details. Besides this, a good booster would use unique IP addresses to make sure that all the accounts are not linked to just one IP address. Since these security measures are used, there would be a very low chance of the account getting stolen or banned. Hence, you should feel safe when you provide your account details to the booster.

Is ELO Boosting Expensive?

When it comes to ELO boosting, prices vary significantly. The main factor that determines the price of the boosting depends on the division you wish to be boosted to. However, it is obvious that it would cost you a lot less for boosting from Bronze 5 all the way to Bronze 1 as compared to boosting from Diamond 5 all the way to Diamond 1. In the simplest of words, the cost of ELO boosting can be defined according to how high you want to go. Besides, you would need the most skilled of boosters for reaching the top tier level. League of Legends has thousands or maybe even millions of players that are in the Bronze league and it is only a few players that make it to the Challenger tier.


Now that you have a better idea about ELO boosting in League of Legends, you can use the services of ELO Boost 24 as they provide safe and reliable boosting.