If you are using the services of a web hosting provider and are not fully satisfied, chances are that you are thinking of making a switch. Not only do you need a cost-efficient solution but also one that allows you to focus on business development instead of wasting time on server management. WordPress offers the easiest way for you to create a website. More than 34 percent of the websites on the internet rely on WordPress. However, when using an amazing website builder such as WordPress, you also need a reliable web host. This is where cloud hosting comes into place. WordPress hosting has become incredibly popular these days.

What Is Cloud Hosting?

For those of you that do not know, cloud hosting is simply a type of web hosting service that makes use of various virtual servers rather than a single server. It helps balance out the traffic load your website might be receiving. Thus, your website would be able to maximize its uptime. Rather than relying on a single server, the website would make use of a cluster of servers. The cloud hosting provider would handle everything including the setup, creating the infrastructure, maintenance, and security.

Cloud hosting utilizes multiple servers for a customer unlike shared hosting that is simply a shared space that is used by different customers. It is also different from a virtual private server. Cloud hosting makes for the perfect traditional dedicated server alternative. Besides, it does not require operating system updates and full management services that suck your resources as your team would spend time dealing with system administration tasks. Therefore, cloud hosting is the ideal solution one needs to automatically handle the management of servers and it tends to be more efficient when it comes to the allocation of computing resources.

What Makes Cloud Hosting a Better Option?

There are various reasons why cloud hosting is a better option. These are mentioned below.

  1. Greater Reliability

When predicting the expected time it takes between two failures of the machine or system, the term MTBF (Mean Time between Failures) is used. Since multiple servers are used by cloud hosting, the issue of resources being overused is taken care of. Thus, even if one server no longer works in the cloud, other servers would step in to ensure continuity and flow. Hence, your WordPress website would experience less downtime.

  1. Scalability and Flexibility

As the website would grow over time, high scalability is required. This is where cloud hosting comes into place. It provides the ideal solution to WordPress website owners and users. Cloud hosting is excellent for websites that do not have predictable traffic numbers. Besides, if the website grows, your website would have access to more resources instantaneously. This makes cloud hosting the most cost-effective option.

  1. Security

Finally, your WordPress website needs security to protect it against hackers who want to steal data and against information loss. Cloud hosting makes use of data segmentation which ensures that the remaining data not get infiltrated.