Running round the clock and trying to achieve perfection around us, we lose track of time and ourselves. We aim to keep our family and friends happy. From performing our best to looking after our families, we endure many stress and burdens that often go unnoticed. As long as we can handle it, we continue with our lives, but we all have a saturation point that might dissolve at one point or another. Our health starts to deteriorate even if we are healthy physically, but we still lose our sleep and become cranky. Many of us think of it as work stress, or we tell ourselves that maybe we are working more than usual, but that is our body giving us signs.

When we talk about health, it refers to our physical health and concerns our emotional, mental, and social well-being. We look after our physical health and consult a doctor whenever there is something wrong with our body, but what about our mental health? Why do we brush that feeling off of going to a therapist?

Unfortunately, the disturbed mental condition has always been a taboo, and people still talk about it behind closed doors. Many people are becoming aware of its significance, but the stigma still exists. Psychologists and scientists are trying their best for ages to de-stigmatize mental health and promote its importance. We won’t say that their efforts went in vain, but we still cannot say that they are entirely successful. You can visit a professional counselor for this purpose. Whether you are a certified counselor or aspiring to be one, an online masters in counseling will help you explore various specialization options. The more you advance in your academic qualifications, the higher are the chances of exploring opportunities that require a specific level of education in this field.

If you have a relevant degree and are looking for career pathways to pursue in this field, here are a few suggestions.



We all have hobbies that make us feel better, like reading, painting, drawing, watching movies, and many other hobbies. People suffering from mental distress need a layout for their emotions. It can be through talking, and some people are not comfortable talking but might draw or tell through writing. Art therapists help people to let out their emotions through creativity and colors. These individuals have training in therapy and arts. As an art therapist, you can help people with chronic stress, children with injuries, or having autism conditions.



These are medically trained individuals who can treat emotional and mental disorders. They understand the emotions, their impact on a person’s mind, and the overall effect on their physiology. Psychiatrists and psychologists offer counseling and therapies, but you can prescribe medicines and monitor their impact on the patient.



These trained professionals evaluate and understand the emotional distress, assess its impact, and help patients cope with stress. They work in settings like hospitals and criminal justice settings. Psychiatrists can help assess, diagnose, and treat mental illnesses through therapies, but they cannot prescribe medicines. Further subdivisions in this career pathway involve pediatric mental health, learning disabilities, geriatrics, and substance abuse.



People suffering from mental illnesses are often able to take care of themselves. In the case of extreme cases, they need someone to look after them. For instance, if an older adult has a mental illness or is suffering from depression, they might not even move independently. Similarly, if there is a person who has survived a suicide attempt, they need professional assistance. Psychiatric nurses look after such patients and promote mental well-being. They also serve as a bridge between the patient and the doctor. Since they look after such patients, they can better communicate with the doctors about medicine or alternative medicine to improve the symptoms.



People who indulged in substance abuse need help even if they do not seek it. People often worry about their loved ones that they might overdose and lose their life. Their symptoms are treatable. A counselor can help them develop a will against the addiction, help them endure the withdrawal symptoms. These counselors make them believe that they can live without drugs and administer them to lead a better life. People with substance abuse often struggle to cope with their urges. They usually require a professional’s help to talk them through.



This field of counseling combines the scientific knowledge of aging and psychology. Aging is an indispensable factor in our lives. Still, many of us struggle to accept the changes happening in our bodies. They often give upon seeing themselves aging. These counselors can help these individuals cope with feelings of loneliness, fear of dying alone, or helplessness. These professionals can work in various settings like nursing homes, hospitals, churches, colleges, and government offices.



Counselors have been helping people to cope with their mental distress. They can work in schools, colleges, nursing homes, and government offices. These professionals provide emotional support, help individuals understand their triggers and offer solutions to deal with them. Specializations in this field include career and vocational counseling, rehabilitation, marriage and family counseling, and mental health.

The bureau of labor statistics predicts a 19% growth in this career pathway in the next ten years. We all have our limitations, and emotions can take a toll on us, but there is always a solution to the problems. Talking to these professionals can help us deal with the things that are bothering us and streamline our life.