What do you think about when you hear the word chandelier? Chandeliers tend to bring pictures of grandeur, wealth, and royalty. And candle chandeliers take us back into a different age where century-old houses and fireplaces were the standards. Why not enjoy the traditional elegance of a candle chandelier within your home?


Maybe you’ve been fortunate enough to have inherited one of the gorgeous old chandeliers. If so you’re a really lucky individual, and you need to be sure to take decent care of your particular present.


However, if you are like most people, there is no inheritance so you will need to go on the hunt to find your ideal bit. Now that can be a lot of fun too! With numerous antique stores to peruse and so several internet websites selling antiques, so you’re sure to find the ideal fixture with a little time.


Now that said, you should be ready to cover a reasonable bit for an antique piece. You may get lucky and find a very fantastic deal, but overall antique fixtures will cost you over modern fixtures. But after all, they’re an investment.


If an antique piece is out of your budget, not to worry. There are lots of excellent reproduction pieces which can be obtained for an extremely inexpensive price. And they just one which ‘s likely to know your key is you.


Don’t forget antique means ornate often with intricate carvings. There’s a feel about them which gives them their elegance and charm. Crystal, brass, antler, wrought iron are great antique choices. Antique candelabras are never shiny. They must constantly look worn. So even if you are deciding on an antique reproduction make sure it has the appearance of a classic fixture.


Oh and you can certainly create the antique look working with an antiquing glaze. Simply apply then rinse off with a soft fabric while the glaze is still wet. You’ll have instant “older.”


But an antique candle chandelier won’t give the ambiance of old world charm by itself. The remainder of the room should also carry the theme. So that means your furniture and other dcor should even look and feel antique. Then your room will come together nicely.


Candle chandeliers are by far the most tasteful and timeless of all types whether they’re crystal, wrought iron, antler, or brass that the candles create a warm and inviting setting which can be ever so romantic too! Candles are a sort of light which bulbs only can’t compete with! As the shadows flicker throughout the room, it’s a scene that is spectacular!


This ‘s the reason they create such great mood setting bits, and the dcor they’re inserted to must be carefully chosen. Since candles have a softness to them a room that’s filled with crisp cuts and lines is not a fantastic selection. A small room is not a fantastic selection for the full effect of the candles.


They look great in a ballroom, bedroom, even over an antique tub. They can be worked into a dining room providing the dcor is appropriate. And they look fantastic in a room which has a soft, inviting setting.


Candle chandeliers do require more maintenance than electric chandeliers, but they’re worth every second of it. Besides the normal polishing and cleaning, you’ll also need to remove any wax drippings taking care to ensure they do not build up in the carvings. You’ll want to clean drip cups regularly, and if there are glass shades, they’ll need a routine cleaning as well as they’ll become blackened.


A candle chandelier defines a timeless beauty that’s next to none, and it’s a great addition to the right room so be sure to give it the consideration it deserves!