Are you a DIY Guru or a Small beginner? Want to know more about installing lighting? If you’re searching to enhance the appearance of a room afterward installing new ceiling lighting is one of the fastest and easiest ways of doing this. Although there is a huge Selection of sizes, shapes, and styles to ceiling lighting, installing them always follows the same procedure:


Safety first


Before you can put in your bright new ceiling lighting, first you will need to remove your old fittings. If you would like to put in a light where there was’tones until you ought to have an electrician install a circuit and electric box, so you have a power supply! Before you even think about taking away the light you have to do is turn off the electricity at the mains to protect yourself from electrocution.


Eliminate the previous fixture


The first step in removing the fixture is to reverse the screws (or bolts) that hold the light to the ceiling and pull it down carefully. When the light is loose, you’ll be able to access the electric wires, which you disconnect by unscrewing the wire caps which hold them together. You will also have to unscrew and remove the mounting bracket that’s connected to the electric box as this might not be the proper fitting for your brand new light.


Installing your new lighting


Your new ceiling light fixture will come with a mounting bracket. This may resemble a good piece of metal with screw holes and is very likely to be shaped like a plate or a strip. The mounting bracket has to be securely attached to the electrical box in the ceiling with all the wires dangling around the mount. Be certain that you connect the ground wire to the grounding screw on the mounting bracket.


The next step is positioning your new ceiling lighting so that you can join the wires in the fixture to those coming out of the ceiling. After all the wires are all attached, you have to thoroughly lift your brand new fixture up to the ceiling, pushing the wires up with it, and then line up the screw holes with those at the mounting bracket. Tightly fasten your lights to the ceiling with the right bolts or screws – this may require two people based on the size of your fixture.




As soon as you’ve completed connecting your brand new ceiling lighting, only turn the electricity back on and flip the switch. If your room is lighting up afterward, you’ve completed it properly. If not, then you will have to switch the electricity back off and check your links. It is a good idea to check and see whether other electrical items in the area are working as you might have blown a fuse – this easy test could save hours of searching for an issue with the wires.