A gel blaster is a type of sport gun fashioned after the design of real firearms. These simulated guns are mostly made out of plastic and nylon material and are powered by batteries that help shoot water-saturated balls, the size of a pellet. Gel blasters have been around for a while but have recently gained a lot of popularity, especially in Australia.

The sport of using gel blasters to shoot at targets on a field is known as Gel ball. Gel ball is not just your typical run-of-the-mill game; it is a class apart. It is a game that stimulates and employs all your senses during play. Unlike other games that may have you remain stationary while playing, gel ball requires physical movement, plus mental exertion, which is excellent because it serves as an avenue for both exercise and relaxation.

The increasing popularity of this game is mostly due to its semblance to real-life tactical combat situations. Players get an experience similar to that of war soldiers on the battleground—the benefits of teamwork, the exciting feeling of adrenaline coursing through the veins, the fulfillment gotten from the accomplishment of a shared goal.

To give the average player a product akin to real-life combat gear and tech, gel blasters come in a wide variety and with many accessories that make the game fun and spectacular. And as a real-life soldier preps for battle with all essential gears in place, so must a gel blasting player have all the necessary accessories to ensure a fun-filled and immersive gel ball experience.

Here are some of the gel blaster accessories you need to have to make your gaming experience one that is complete and exhilarating.

The Butt Stock

The buttstock on a gel blaster is a piece of plastic attached to its rear. It is mostly used to enhance the balance of a blaster to give it an equal weight distribution. For semi-automatic blasters like the M4A1 V9, the front part is usually heavier than the rear and will tilt forward when carried. Having a right buttstock attached will make it easier to balance the weight of the blaster on your shoulder, which allows better handling and positioning while playing the sport. There are a lot of butt stocks out there you can choose from; however, choosing a heavier stock would balance out your blaster and make it easier to handle.

The Grip

The grip is a plastic attachment below the muzzle of a blaster. What it does is to make your gel blaster stable for better accuracy while taking shots. Instead of having the blaster rest on your palm, which causes a strain to your wrist over time, the grip helps you hold the blaster firmly at a more comfortable angle giving you better control and accuracy when turning and twisting.

The Double Drum Magazine

The double drum magazine is a type of gel ball magazine with two round clips the shape of a barrel, which can hold about a thousand gel balls per side. This can be handy in the heat of battle, where you don’t have to worry about reloading or changing mags. Also, if your gel balls do run out, you can open the drum containers and refill with gel balls from your gel bottle.

The double drum mag is efficient in the field and saves a lot of time that could be spent withdrawing to take cover and reload plus, all that many gel balls in one gel blaster serve to give you an unequal advantage on the ground.

The Magazine Coupler

The magazine coupler is a simple clamp-like device that holds two magazines together. With two mags attached, you can, in the twinkling of an eye, switch from one mag to another without having to worry about opening zips or velcros rummaging for mags. It is a really nifty and cool accessory to have while playing gel ball.

The Sight

The sight is a scope accessory that you can add to the top of your blaster. You know that red dot you see in the movie on the villain’s body when the hero trains his gun at him, that is what the scope does. Having the scope will significantly increase your accuracy. You can quickly point at the object of interest and be entirely sure that your shot will be accurate. Although, you should also note that accuracy may decrease when firing at objects farther than 20 meters.

The Sling

The sling is required if you are using a sturdy blaster. Carrying a heavy blaster over time can tire your arms and slow you down. A sling will help take some weight off your arms and onto your shoulders plus; it gives the complete overall look of a tactical soldier, which makes you look cool. You could choose from a variety of slings that abound. One with the best length and fit for your blaster

The gel blaster is a great toy that you can use to play and have a great time but, caution must be exercised so as not to scare others who may think the blaster gun is a real gun. Try to conceal your blasters in public and only use them in designated playing fields. That said, enjoy your blasting experience.