The world that we live in can be simply called the digital world and no one would disagree. The reason behind it is the fast pace with which things are moving in the world of technology. Well, if you want to make money out of it and use tech in every way possible for your own benefit, you need to know the basic facts about the digital world and more specifically about digital marketing. The only reason behind it is that digital marketing will be nourishing you in ways you never thought of and will take your business/start-up to another level. If you want, you can first read up on what exactly digital marketing is for more information and then continue with the facts about this phenomenon. So, without further ado, let’s get straight to the top ten basic facts about the market of digital marketing:

  1. Video Content: the first and foremost truth about digital marketing is to understand that the world will be soon or is already ruled by the videos. People prefer to watch a video to understand or analyze something instead of looking it up and reading the whole thing. Importance of visuals is out there and is very prominent but one of the reasons why this is the case can also be the fact that our time span is smaller than that of a goldfish. This phrase is definitely not an expression anymore which takes us to the next fact.
  2. Time Span: this point is important to quote because it tells you how humans have evolved along with all the technology flooding in. people used to listen to each other, but it is just getting harder to obtain that little goal every day. Well, there are still some advantages and some techniques that you can use in order to make your customer stay. For all this, you first need to see that the first seven or maybe even two seconds of your content are appealing enough for the other person to continue with the reading because we as humans literally have a shorter time span. Even some of the tech companies are trying to make their technical content creative to increase the attention span of web traffic but many are still struggling to create an effective marketing. Check this blog for more information “ Marketing Strategy For Software Development Companies (2020)
  3. Zero Click Searches: you have probably heard of this process, and even if not by this name, you have definitely used it as part of your daily life. The zero click search is basically when you ask Google something and before all the pages, you get this brief definition of it for which you never had to even open/click a website. This has been one of the major features of digital marketing which obviously is useful for Google.
  4. Photography: when it comes to marketing, writing a blog is just not enough for many websites. The audience needs to have something that is more engaging. Hence, when you use pictures in your blog/article that are related to the topic, you boost the chances of customers who would rather stay at your place then make you go bankrupt. This is therefore the most reliable option to increase traffic on your website.
  5. Social Media Platforms: when it comes to digital marketing, we all know that social media is the best way to go about it as it caters instant marketing. However, the reason behind mentioning this under the facts is because people should know how to market differently on different platforms and what kind of responses will you probably get. Everyone needs to have a plan ready in order to work on it and achieve the desired results through social media platforms. Otherwise, you would never know what happened with you!
  6. Local Business: when you use digital marketing for your business, you need to know what your audience is. Google searches have developed to an extent where they can easily identify the top stores in 5 mile distance for users. This is what your goal should be, to be in those top 5 and in that at the top. People mostly want to know about their area and so they search for it. Once they do so, Google shows them the top stores which the users can go to. This method of marketing through Google is possibly the best ones if used properly.
  7. E-Commerce: this is definitely a very significant part of digital marketing and cannot be ignored. Even under e-commerce, the emerging field is B2B sale. The businesses are flourishing because of it and one needs to keep themselves updated on these basic things to get success. Lots of e-commerce owners find it very hard to achieve online success and often seek the help of a digital marketing agency.
  8. The Art of Blogging: initially, blogging was like a hobby. Now, one cannot think about running a business on large level without having a blogger. The reason behind it is that people are utilizing this skill set in order to make sales and it is working. Bloggers now have new avenues and opportunities but only the best ones are able to make it through. We all have to agree on the fact that content writing is getting businesses a lot of leads than one could imagine. In addition to that, one can also not forget about this new yet popular culture of vlogging which has changed the whole digital marketing market upside down.
  9. Podcast: they are doing exceptionally good in the world of digital media. The reason can be the fact that we have a number of technologies available that supports the idea of audio media and so it is feasible for people to have podcasts. Additionally, it has been found that a large chunk of people who listen to podcast agree that the ads actually help them gain knowledge about the products!
  10. Emails: you might think that after talking about social media, video, blogging, podcast, why would one end the article on one of the oldest methods used by digital marketing? Well, the answer is in the question; it is the oldest one and yet we use it, because combining social media and email marketing actually works. The reason behind it is that emails are the most reliable source for marketing and the most formal one as well. Hence, they shine like a star!