Whether you find yourself facing criminal charges, involved in a personal injury lawsuit, having a dispute over an estate, or other legal issue, the fact is you will need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to guide you through the process and ensure your legal rights will be protected from beginning to end. Depending upon the complexities involved with your case, you may feel the need to hire multiple law firms to assist you in getting the results you seek. While you may believe that the more lawyers you have working on your case the better your chances of winning, this is not always true. In theory, the court will care little whether you have one lawyer or 100 attorneys working for you, so long as you are able to pay for them. However, from a legal standpoint, most legal experts agree having multiple firms working on your case can present many disadvantages. To learn why it is best to often rely on only one legal team, here are seven advantages to keep in mind.


Less Chance of Conflict

If you have multiple law firms working on your case, there is a greater likelihood that at some point lawyers from different firms will clash over your legal strategy. If lawyers from one firm want to pursue one strategy while others believe a different approach will work better, it can become very confusing for you to know which path will be best for you. To keep this from happening, you will need to establish one legal team as your lead counsel, which can lead to additional problems.


Better Attorney-Client Relationships

When you are working with only one legal team, you will have far better attorney-client relationships. In these cases, you will have an easier time meeting with and discussing the details of your case with your attorney, and they will also have more at stake to make sure you win your case.


Reasonable Costs

As most people know, hiring legal representation does not come cheap in most cases. However, if you hire multiple firms to work on your case, plan on paying very large legal fees along the way. In many cases, having multiple law firms working on a case leads to legal fees totaling thousands or even millions of dollars, depending on the lawyers hired and how long they handle your case. Therefore, if you are wanting to keep your legal costs as reasonable as possible, it is always best to hire only one legal team to assist you when pursuing a lawsuit or other matter.


Better Communication

If you have multiple law firms working on your case, there is a greater chance communication errors can occur. For example, if you are wanting to speak with a specific attorney from one firm and he or she is not available, you may have a much harder time getting questions answered or learning about new developments in your case. Along with this, it is possible you could be given erroneous information about your case, which could potentially lead to you making decisions that could cost you dearly in terms of compensation or other matters.


Greater Flexibility and Customization of Services

If you work with only one legal team during your case, there will be much more room for flexibility and customization of their services to fit your needs. For example, lawyers for your firm will know you and your needs, and will thus be able to meet with you on your terms. Whether this means evening appointments, discussions on a weekend, or even coming to your hospital room if you are confined due to injury or illness, putting your trust in one legal firm will make whatever situation you are dealing with at the time much easier to handle.


Relaxed Atmosphere

If you are working with multiple legal firms, the atmosphere will usually be anything but relaxed. Between the competition among firms to position themselves as the lead counsel for your case, disagreements about which legal strategies to pursue, and other matters, there is likely to be far too much stress associated with your case. As a result, you may feel very uncomfortable when meeting with attorneys, be too intimidated to ask important questions, and be coerced into going along with a legal strategy you believe may not be your best option. Due to these possibilities, it is much better to hire only one legal team to handle your case. By doing so, you will most likely be able to have an easier time scheduling appointments with your attorney, discussing your case in greater detail, and knowing the legal strategy being used to get the results you seek.


Not Having Your Case Handed Off

When you have a large number of lawyers handling your case, there is a much greater chance your case will be handed off to one of many possible attorneys, or in many cases even a paralegal. Unfortunately, if you do not keep up with what is going on pertaining to your case, you may not find out about this until it is too late. As a result, you could lose your case, denying you compensation for injuries or even finding yourself facing various criminal penalties. To keep this all too common scenario from happening, it is always best to rely on only one legal team to handle your case. While some people may argue that having as many lawyers helping you as possible is your best bet, this is simply not true. As long as you have hired attorneys who are experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about making sure your legal rights are protected and you get the justice you deserve, you stand a much better chance of working with an attorney you can trust.


Though it may seem prestigious to have multiple law firms working on your case, this does not necessarily translate into winning your case. Therefore, instead of giving in to your impulses, use common sense and rely on the Carina Law Firm to handle your case.