Getting the right smoking implements is crucial when you’re looking to take your smoking sessions to the next level. Without the right smoking tools, you won’t be able to appreciate the quality of what you’re smoking.

Investing in a new bubbler can help you better your smoking sessions and add a unique, artistic piece to your collection. While many people think that a bong and a bubbler are the same, they are pretty different in their use and effects.

If you’re wondering, “what is a bubbler?” you’re at the right place.

What Is A Bubbler

A bubbler is a hand-held pipe that has a mouthpiece, bowl, stem, and water chamber. In appearance, it looks like the hybrid of a bong and a glass pipe. A majority of bubblers have a fixed bowl that can’t be removed or tampered with.

Bubblers with a fixed bowl also have a carb (hole), which helps clear the remaining smoke from the device. Many bubblers also come with a percolator that helps aerate the smoke you inhale. Many smokers enjoy it because it combines a bong and pipes to give users the best of both.

How to Use A Bubbler?

When you’re thinking of using a bubbler, the first thing you might want to figure out is the ideal amount of water that should be put in it. Ideally, you should fill up some extra water, so it’s slightly over the downstem (long tube going from the bowl where the smoking substance is packed)

You can only use this method if you can see inside your bubbler. If that isn’t the case, you should try adding a bit of water each time and mimic smoking from the bubbler to see if the water is traveling down the tube. If the water reaches your mouth, you may have to empty some until the tube is clear.

When you hear a bubbling sound as you’re inhaling, it means that the right amount of water is in the bubbler, and you can start your smoking session.

Now that you know the answer to your question, i.e., “what is a bubbler?” it’s time to understand the many benefits of using a bubbler, so you can see why a lot of smokers prefer it.

Benefits of Using A Bubbler

Bubblers have several advantages. The first one is that they are small and not as bulky as a regular bong, making them easier to carry around.

Moreover, the beauty of using a bubbler is that you don’t necessarily need the water to make it operable. You can even empty out the water chamber and use the bubbler like a standard glass pipe. Also, the bubbler’s filtration system gives a smoother hit without any of the harsh taste.

Finding The Perfect Bubbler For Your Needs

There is a wide range of bubblers available today that are perfect no matter what your requirements are. Several common types of bubblers are:

  • Hammer Bubbler: They are shaped like small hammers or mallets. The elongated handle gives more space for smoke to be created. The smoke can pass through several rods to provide additional filtration.
  • Animal Bubbler: These are popular because of their unique shapes. You can find multiple animal shapes like elephants, giraffes, and so on. It’s a beautiful piece that can make any smoking collection stand out.
  • Sidecar Bubbler: Has a sidecar mouthpiece branching off the main chamber and moves from an angle away from the chamber instead of the top. It eliminates any water splashback and

When you’re looking for the ideal bubbler, ensure that it matches your aesthetic requirements and budgetary constraints without compromising functionality. Various designs are available at online stores, and you can find a high-quality bubbler without making a hole in your wallet.