Super Silver Haze Strain Explained!

The Netherlands’ progressive policies on marijuana have it decades ahead of the rest of the world on the issue. As the rest of the world catches up, the marijuana industry is starting to mature. Relax Coffeeshop Amsterdam is an example of this kind of development in the marijuana business.
As a coffee shop in Amsterdam, it offers coffee as well as a wide array of marijuana products. This differentiation of offerings marks the shop as a must-visit for anyone in Amsterdam. Super Silver Haze is one of the most popular strains on sale.

Super Silver Haze

The Super Silver Haze has been around for a few decades now. It won many awards over the years, including the High Times Cannabis Cup of 1997, 1998, and 1999. Aside from all the awards, the strain is best recognized through its spicy and sweet aroma.
The strain is Sativa-dominant, which translates to feelings of pleasantness and euphoria. The strain is a mixture of skunk, haze, and northern lights, creating something truly special. It has an earthy flavor and a sweet aroma split between citrus and diesel.

The Effects of Super Silver Haze

Due to the feelings of pleasantness it invokes, it is one of the most appreciated strains of marijuana in use. Its effects also mark it as a favorite among users, precisely the euphoric feeling it delivers. This euphoric feeling is amplified by the zesty citrus flavor it has.
The euphoric qualities make it a favorite for people winding down after work. People also tend to use it as a party drug for the euphoria it delivers. As such, it’s used to enhance a variety of experiences. The strain also delivers energy and focus, which only adds to the increased appreciation of the time you spend with your friends.
Super Silver Haze has gained a lot of attention for its medicinal properties. Due to the euphoria the drug delivers, it has been used to alleviate depression and anxiety, allowing people to lead much fuller lives. The strain has seen massive adoption as more and more nations allow the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Relax Coffeeshop in Amsterdam offers pre-rolled joints that you and your friends can enjoy by your table. With three locations across the city, you will not have to wait in a queue to make your purchase. The company makes sure all the products are tested in an accredited laboratory to ensure they are safe from insecticides, fungicides, and toxins.