The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of internet marketing is most probably a website or some kind of a blog. All of these platforms of the internet make up a bigger picture, and you can think of internet marketing as the puzzle pieces to this bigger picture. Internet marketing is crucial to all types of businesses, be it small or big. The use of internet marketing will help business create a name and keep it going. This article contains all the basics of internet marketing.


What exactly is internet marketing?

The marketing efforts and ideas that you use online are classified as internet marketing. We will be talking about the more popular efforts that are used by business that are just starting up and want to get the word about their existence.


Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or SEM, is a way to help you find users via search platforms like Yahoo and Google. Search engine optimization also falls under SEM. SEO works with the creation of well ranked websites in search engines which users happen to come across organically with the use of keywords.


Pay-Per-Click Marketing

You know how you see sponsored ads every time you search for something, that is a form of Pay-per-Click marketing that you came across. How this works is that each time an ad is viewed by the target audience, marketers pay for the results. These can be clicks, behaviours to the ads and more. For example, you search for some type of shoes you want, and the first or second link that will come up will be an ad of a company for that very type of shoe.


Social Media Marketing

This includes marketing that is both organic and paid. The main aim of this type of internet marketing toronto, and everywhere else, is the creation of awareness and making sure the brand is growing in the eyes of the customers. Examples include Facebook and Instagram, and you will have come across many ads whilst you are using these apps.


Email Marketing

This is a more outdated form of internet marketing, but can prove to be effective. It can drive sales by reminding customers or informing them about new products, and will contain detailed sales offers and announcements. What companies do is that they ask for the users email addresses when they use the website or they ask them to physically write it down when they go shop at the stores.


Content Marketing

This involves writing interesting content for the target audience to read such as blog posts that will have descriptive content on some type of a product, also videos or infographics shared to Facebook, Twitter etc. SEO and content marketing should be used in relation together for successful internet marketing.

Once you have your social media accounts up and running, you can move on to these types of internet marketing options, and each tool will depend on your need at that moment.