In terms of value investment and preservation, the coin has always been considered as a guarantor of value enhancement and profit growth. On the one hand, this may be due to the stability of precious metals, which, despite slight price declines between 2012 and 2014, have nevertheless been a profitable investment since the introduction of the euro. For example, anyone who bought silver in 2002, could look forward 10-15 years later to an increase in value of over 150 percent. Even more rewarding and promising is the purchase of silver coins instead of silver bars for example. The reason is quite simple: Silver bars are subject to 19% VAT. However, silver coins can be traded both in purchase and sale without losses through differential taxation. We show below currently the best silver coins for investment:

Number 1 in the silver coins purchase: Maple Leaf from Canada


The name of the world’s first bullion coin comes from the symbol of Canada – a maple leaf. It was introduced to the market by the Royal Mint of Canada in 1988 and is an almost identical replica of its golden equivalent, also constituting a legal tender. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful silver coins, which is due to the exceptionally good quality of the minting and the design made by Stanley Witten.

Canadian silver coin Maple Leaf has a pure gold content of 99.99%. This means that it is made of pure silver and is free of metallic impurities. Canadian silver coin Maple Leaf weighs exactly one Trojan ounce (31.1 gram).

On the obverse, the coin depicts a maple leaf motif and on the reverse a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. In 2014 laser engraving and radial lines were added to protect the coin against counterfeiting.

A guarantor for value increase: the Australian kangaroo


The investment in the silver Australian Kangaroo is a jackpot. This elegant Australian coin delights with its shine and nobility of ore. Perfectly protected. It delights with the quality of manufacture. As the first issue of this coin is 2016, so the year 2016 should gain collector’s value after many years. Australian Kangaroo is a combination of unique investment and collector’s values, creating excellent earning potential for the investor. As – The German precious metals trading house emphasises that the Australian kangaroo has been one of the best-selling collectors’ items in Germany for years. Careful manufacture and stunning two-tone visual effect of the coin is the result of production at the legendary Perth Mint. Coin made of genuine silver sample .9999 to preserve the uniqueness and highest quality of gold bullion.

The Australian Kangaroo has the status of full legal tender in Australia, it is a trustworthy and universally accepted Australian coin.

The Vienna Philharmonic: first silver investment coin ever issued with a nominal value in Euro


Coins from the Vienna Philharmonic series have been minted by the Mint of Austria in honour of the Vienna Philharmonic since 1989. This is the first bullion coin issued in Euro. Since the Mint is owned by the Central Bank of Austria, the coin has government guarantees of purity of bullion. The coin, created with the use of computer graphics, has been for years one of the best-selling investment coins in the world.


For those who would like to buy silver coins in order to increase their value and as an investment, the three coins presented here are highly recommended for beginners and professionals alike. Thanks to the high liquidity and a very good price/performance ratio, each of these investments looks very good, and of course they can be sold almost without tax.