Everytinh About GAMSAT Preparation

Revising for the GAMSAT, for anyone, can be an excruciating process especially when you don’t have a solid GAMSAT preparation home study course to work on. Whether it is your first or your tenth attempt, it is a very trying time, emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually.

The most crucial aspect of studying with the right GAMSAT prep course and material is planning. Planning your study by month, by week, by day, and often by hour, is typically necessary to ensure you are well covered on the diverse sections in the GAMSAT.

It goes without saying that you will needed to have had the opportunity to undertake a enough GAMSAT question-based practice and as such you will need to make sure you’re utilise the right preparation materials for GAMSAT.

As with making sure your revising with up-to-date materials for GAMSAT you need to also set yourself goals. Goals are important as they help you stay focused and monitor your progress. At the beginning of the day, write a list of all the things you must complete in the day. As you sit down in each session (which should be ~45 mins each), write on a post-it exactly what you want to achieve in that time (for example, “complete 30 Section 3 Multiple Choice Questions”). Key to making this skill a successful one is being realistic! Don’t try and be ambitious; if you have heaps to do, don’t rush it, just take a bit more time to do it.

Importantly, your planning should consider the vital necessity of looking after yourself! It is extremely easy to burn out from GAMSAT study and be overwhelmed by the content (especially if your revising a lot of content from different GAMSAT preparation providers) – and it is thus essential that you make time for sport, hobbies, friends and family.

It comes down to the effort that you as an individual will put into your studying. This is what will ultimately determine how much you will retain and how beneficial the approach that you take will be in helping you pass the GAMSAT. After all, you need to make the most of the best GAMSAT preparation resources and GAMSAT prep books, courses and materials at your disposal and this is what ultimately leads you in acing GAMSAT.

Finding the best GAMSAT section 3 preparation course is exceptionally helpful as it reduces the time and uncertainty you spend trying to identify examinable topics. You’ll often find someone recommending that you watch Khan Academy and forget about GAMSAT prep companies.

This sounds great but how long are you going to spend trying to determine what is relevant and what is not? For Section 3, perhaps you can muddle your way through but for both Section 1 and 3? without the right tailored questions, you won’t be adequately prepared for the GAMSAT. So make sure you’ve pick the right and best GAMSAT prep course with the right GAMSAT prep resources and go out there and conquer GAMSAT.