Have you ever wondered what is the best method of tracking your travels? For a seasoned traveler, it can be challenging to remember all the places you have visited and all the places that you would like to visit in the future.

Many people use scratch-off maps to mark where they have been. However, these maps are often cheaply made and do not work well for home decor. They can also get damaged easily as you need to scratch the locations you’ve visited in order to see the layer beneath.

So, is there a better way to keep track of your travels? You can use a Push Pin Map, which is a map attached to a sturdy pin board that allows you to place push pins in the locations you’ve visited. You can also use a different color push pin to mark locations that you would like to visit in the future.

GeoJango designs incredible push pin maps that will encourage people to learn about our world. Though you can find thousands of maps online, many of them lack accurate information. This is why GeoJango came up with a beautiful map that contains information regarding countries, mountains, lakes, rivers, oceans and other physical features. We have used a Nautilus World Map by GeoJango and here is our review.

Remember the Places You Have Visited

Now, with this push pin map, you can easily mark the places you have visited. This visually appealing map has a unique terrain modeling feature along with marine life and 3D shading effects. The map is developed with extra care and attention to detail, having been designed by a professional cartographer after months of research.

Educational Tool

GeoJango created the map keeping in mind the significance of history, culture and geography. It is a great educational tool for learning amazing things about the world. This map mentions plenty of unique information including the tallest peak on Earth, ancient civilizations of the world, famous voyages and explorations, oceanic currents, and UNESCO Heritage World Sites. You can rest assured the information provided is accurate and up to date.


Another wonderful feature of this map is that you can customize it! You can add your own title to the map and even add a unique compass inscription. Moreover, what we like about this map was that we could personalize it to our own adventures. We can conveniently create our own travel legend and show it to our friends and family.

Where to go next ?

You can use the map to figure out where you would like to visit next. For example, I looked at the map and realized that Rio de Janeiro is the perfect option for my next vacation. I have read that Rio is a beautiful and breathtaking place with a lot to offer, from mesmerizing natural beauty to elegant beaches. It was helpful to scan the map until I saw this destination and remembered that I wanted to go there.

Overall, this map is a wonderful way to incorporate a visual representation of your travels to a home or office. It will also help to get you excited about your next adventure!