Immigration systems all over the world can be a very confusing process which is why you need a very experienced and skilled lawyer on your side to help you case make stronger. Even though most lawyers who are experienced will tend to be very expensive, but you can manage to find some skilled immigration lawyer Mississauga but you just have to look for them. Regardless of the type of lawyer you are working with either private practice or non-profit, you should aim to find one who can understand your case inside out.


Non-profit attorneys

These agencies provide services at low costs or sometimes even free. They help people every year, and are a very good resource for people who cannot afford to spend too much on immigration lawyers. But the downside of these agencies is that they are very slow with processing cases. They might also have limited experience in complex cases and they might not even deal with all areas of immigration law.


Private attorneys

These lawyers have the knowledge and skills to deal with a broader range of cases as compared to non profits because they are more specialized. A private attorney will be more accessible as well, and they will give you more time to answer all of your questions. It is still important you do a thorough background check.


  • When looking for attorneys, you need to look for experience because immigration law is a complicated area. You will come across lawyers that deal with many areas of law such as criminal defence, corporate law etc. But you have to look for someone who specializes specifically in immigration law. You can ask around, maybe your family and friends, if they know any immigration lawyers otherwise you can search for some online and read the client reviews.
  • Once you find some attorneys, you need to meet them face to face and see if your needs match to the services they offer. Schedule a meeting with them, and make a list of questions that you want to ask them, and don’t hesitate to ask anything you have on your mind. Even though, they might charge a fee to schedule a meeting it is important you do this because you have to know that you can trust them before you can work with them.
  • When it comes to how lawyers handle the reimbursement of costs, each individual lawyer has a separate method of handle their fee schedules as well as various expectations about their expenses. You have to be certain about whether or not your lawyer will be charging you a standard rate or whether they have an hourly approach. When it comes to spending money, everyone is a bit hesitant. This is why no one goes around looking for the most expensive lawyer on the market. However, the opposite isn’t a popular choice either, as having the cheapest lawyer out there represent you in court, may not be the smartest idea.