For many young people, travelling the globe is one of the most desired dreams. Haven’t we all, at some point of our life, felt the urge to break out, leave our comfort-zone and simply explore the world? As corny as it may sound – I am sure you have as well. Getting to know different cultures is an enormous enrichment – especially for young people. It expands your horizon and helps you understand, who you really are. This may also sound corny, but that doesn’t make it less true. Travelling and living abroad won’t only make you question your own habits, but also the ones related to the culture, in which you grew up. As a matter of fact, this sometimes even makes it difficult to return home.

We live in the year 2018 and so far, it has been a great century for travellers. The prices for long- and short distance flights are as cheap as never before. Social-networks and Apps help travellers to connect with strangers all over the world, who offer them a place to stay – despite never having met them in real life.

One of the biggest issues, with which globetrotters find themselves confronted with, is: how do I pay for my expenses while being abroad? There is a solution for this – and it’s easier than you might think:

Since you’re reading this, there is a pretty high chance of you being a native English speaker – of which there is a high demand all around the globe. If that’s the case: lucky you! Have you ever considered teaching English in China? Because if you’re into exploring the world and getting to know foreign cultures, this could be a very advantageous skill. Since the demand is high, the requirements for teaching aren’t as difficult to meet, as you might think. Especially in industrialized Asian countries like China, people are desperately searching for committed native English speakers to help them improve their conversational language skills. This makes especially China one of the most lucrative teaching destinations abroad. So, what are you waiting for?