Top 5 tips to make your moving experience hassle-free

Never forget these tips while moving

Moving can be fun, right? It sounds weird, no. Yeah, because packing and moving sucks altogether. Yeah, for some time there’s an excitement and a positivity of moving to a new home as soon as possible, but when reality check comes, it hits hard. So, what to do to get rid of this pain. We have some tips to help you and make your moving experience more comfortable.

Tip # 1

Start Early

It’s very easy to say that don’t procrastinate and start early, but in reality, it’s one of the toughest things to perform. But, again I would say that don’t wait for the last minutes to make things happen. Start your packing, planning and moving chores as early as possible. Try to do it in a month advance, trust me you won’t regret this decision. Because this gives you complete freedom, a big picture in your mind that how to align, how to pack and what should be done to clear this mess as early as possible. There would be no last minute rushes during this. You would save yourself from late night till 4 am packing process because there would be a full day in front of you to do whatever you want. Plus take some help from Pinterest as well to grab some cool boxes for moving and packing according to every item’s consideration and safety.

Tip # 2

Do cleaning at the same time while you do Packing

Cleaning the whole mess is the real pain, and it generally happens when we leave all of the mess to clear at the end which never shows up. Seeing a clean and clear beautiful view after packing everything is just your dream which never comes true. Then what to do? Try to wipe the dust, do the brooming, and to clear up all the unnecessary stuff while you do packing. There would be no ideal time better than this to clear old and unnecessary books & newspapers, etc. Decluttering is itself a therapy which really to bring your mind to peace. Try, please.

Tip # 3

Label everything carefully and maintain an inventory

Yes, it’s a very long and tiring process, but it’s essential especially when you are moving out of town. It’s the best approach to keep an inventory of your belongings with yourself. Try to mark a prominent label at all the boxes and maintain an inventory with yourself of those boxes. Why it’s important? For you, and the homeowner’s insurance or the renter’s paperwork, etc. Inventory, these days comes in different types like manual and digital both which is being operated through QR codes as well, so why not try them to be more accurate and precise. It’s just all about scanning the code for the right box. Plus when you are moving to another city, you may trust the movers, but you never know what may happen regarding the security of your belongings, etc. This is where the importance of inventory and labelling comes in. You can easily file a report to the police if any of your possession get lost or get stolen. Similarly, you can make an insurance claim as well for the purpose.

Tip # 4

Try to save all of your relevant receipts

So, you are moving again due to work or any personal issue. You may have many of the moving expenses before and would have taken several services for the services. Where are those receipts in which the service charges are mentioned? Try to save those receipts, let me tell you why?

It is because every other day, there comes several offers for the movers to have various free boxes to help them in packing and moving if they ever took their services before. Not only boxes, but similar offers come for tapes, packs, wraps, and other such relevant things, etc. Maybe you would think that this small stuff wouldn’t cost me much then why should I try to get them for free. But the answer is, it becomes expensive for you in the long term if you’re moving again and again and using the same stuff every time after purchasing a new set. If you don’t believe then deduct all of this expense this time after showing the previous receipts to the service providers and by availing all of the available offers.

Tip # 5

Pack as similar as when you go on a trip

When you start packing, you don’t realize that you have to unpack it soon as well. You try to pack everything in a box with possible fitting possible, but it becomes a pain when you want to unpack it so, what to do then? Try to pack like you are going on a trip. It means rolling like a towel and doing the easiest bundle method.

If I tell you that there’s an amazing for you with these tips, then?

To act on the moving and packing tips is excellent if you have found your perfect home in the same or a different city. It’s a life-changing experience to wrap up everything on your own and then again unpack them to show their best versions. It’s not that easy, and somebody feels your pain. Yes, there are lots of moving companies which help you for this purpose but have you ever heard about any moving insurance company? A moving insurance company is the one which would do coverage for your household possessions? Why they do this? It is because when people move, many unexpected incidents happen and as a result, their possessions get broken or damaged. So, to avoid all of these unpleasant situations and experiences; it is recommended to hire eMove insurance who would provide you with full moving insurance and protection for all your belongings and possessions. Not only this, but it also helps in fixing the damaged goods or if it is not possible then they also help in finding the best replacement available in the market.

So, if you think a bit about the safety and security of your possession then you don’t think a bit in taking the services from eMove Insurance at all.

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