Factors For Top Search Ranking On YouTube

Over the last 15 years, YouTube has become one of the most gigantic sources of visual content. The video Mecca not only gives access to an endless library of visual content but also provides the best if not the biggest platform for Online Marketing. Following the advent of YouTube, an endless amount of artists have earned a noticeable prominence amongst the Video, Film, creative and the Music industry.

This tech-giant portal of endless videos and visual content has made the careers of so many famous Make-up Artists, Musicians, Film-makers, Comedians, DIY artists and so much more. Apart from producing great quality content there’s a lot of other factors that play a crucial part in harboring the best search ranking within the YouTube algorithms.

In order to explore the realm of the Video Giant’s algorithms and search ranking factors. Let’s dive into the details of how the algorithms perform and ways to harbor the best results out of them.


Meta-Data and Channel Keywords

It is highly essential to use data and information specific, complex yet highly compressed and accurate Meta-Data. You should make sure to add essential keywords and give exact description of what your channel and content is about.

It is imperative to use the trendiest yet highly compatible and content specific keywords. YouTube algorithm closely studies your channel description and Metadata for ranking cues.


Video Titles

You should always focus on adding essential keywords to your video titles. It is important to use keywords that are not only content specific but also trending in your category of content. Doing this would increase the chances of the YouTube algorithm to identify your channel and redirect it to users through recommendations, search bar history and home page upgrades.

Make your titles sound attractive in order to maximize user engagement.


Video Description

It is important that you add well versed, keyword loaded and highly descriptive Video descriptions. This is not only helpful for the YouTube Algorithms to identify your video but also to the users viewing your content.

Google and YouTube use your video description to rank and locate your content on the Web. You can further optimize your SEO by including essential keywords within the first 25 words of your video description. You should use at least 250 characters to describe your content and make sure to use highly imperative keywords.

You can also use backlinks and embed URLs to your Social media handles and websites in the description.



Tags are essential when it comes to optimizing search ranking and habits of your visual content on YouTube. It is essential to use content specific tags while optimizing your videos and content on the channel. These tags allow users and the YouTube algorithms to identify your content and categorize it under the right search histories and recommendations.

For instance if your video is about “Optimizing SEO on your Website” than you can use related tags like

  • SEO
  • Optimization
  • Keywords
  • SEO Tips
  • SEO apps
  • SEO tool reviewer
  • Website Conversion
  • Increase Web Conversion


Quality Content

While all of the abovementioned factors play an important role in determining a better place on the YouTube search ranking. It is also important to produce Quality content in order to maximize user engagement. You should invest in buying good quality equipment such as

  • A high quality camera and lenses
  • Lights
  • Backgrounds and stands
  • Models

Besides investing in all of this equipment it is imperative that you produce just good quality content. Make it fun and entertaining. In order to further optimize your videos you should strategically place Click to Action on your videos. You can use these markers in order to redirect your viewers to the rest of your content. Place these markers carefully on the end of the content or sneakily push them in the middle of the videos.


User Metrics

User metrics such as reviews, comment, likes and dislikes on your videos matter a lot when it comes to search ranking optimization. YouTube algorithms identify your content with the quality of reviews and take user metrics in to high regard.

Make sure to produce good quality content and engage consistently in the comment section of your videos. You can also backlink your social handles in the comment section to redirect audience from YouTube to the rest of your social platforms.


Watch Session

Watch session refers to the average time users spend engaging with your content. On an average, smartphone users can spend up to 60 minutes engaging on YouTube. You can extend the watch session on YouTube by making longer yet high quality videos. Make sure your content is self-sufficient in order to improve the quality and session time of users on your video.



Contrary to the former belief, views still play an essential part in developing a higher YouTube Search ranking. The amount of views your video receives, makes it stand out with the rest of the content online. It is essential you provide your content with the necessary views and visibility online. You can also buy Cheap YouTube views online via PayPal and other credible websites.

Buying views can bring a lot of good visibility to your channel and exponentially improve your search ranking.



Once you have uploaded a video on YouTube your video will be assigned with a thumbnail. But it is advisable that you select a thumbnail yourself. Make it interesting and optimize it aesthetically. Google and YouTube identify original and attractive thumbnails which will naturally optimize your search engine ranking.


Captions and Subtitles

Add captions and subtitles to your video. Adding Subtitles increases the chances of user engagement since a lot of the times users need captions to understand your content efficiently. This could be because of a language listening barrier or users who having hearing disabilities.

The above mentioned factors play a highly important part in the optimization of your search engine ranking on YouTube. It is essential to not only produce quality content but also equip it with technical and essential cues. By doing this you will optimize your ranking and increase channel conversion.

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