Whether it’s the strong aroma of the coffee beans taking your mind over, or it’s the sharp taste jolting your soul back to life, coffee lovers know this labor of love is what keeps them going in life. Having your perfect tailor-made cup of joe waiting and then waking up to its ravishing taste is what coffee drinkers look forward to. But not everyone can afford the same coffee-maker, neither can everyone have the same size or the same quantity of coffee every day. But having a coffee-maker with built-in grinder is definitely a must-have.

Why Is a Built-in Grinder In a Coffee Maker Necessary?

We’re all living busy lives, with not even one moment to spare. In this busy routine, one always looks forward to a quick yet amazing cup of coffee. In that case, we certainly require a coffee-maker with a built-in grinder to grind the coffee beans, all in one machine. For simple coffee-makers, the beans are to be ground separately beforehand . But no one has the time to grind the beans separately, compromise quality or put in all the effort. That is when, built-in grinders come in handy.

How to know if a particular coffee-maker with built-in grinder is made just for you?

Know What Your Budget Is

Some of the best yet cheapest coffee-makers with built- in grinders tend to have a difference of hundreds of dollars from the other high-quality ones. You just cannot buy a superfluous coffee-maker if it’s not in your budget. So it is very important to keep in mind what your budget is and how to get the best value for money at the same time.

Know Your Type Of Coffee Machine

It’s important to consider the type of coffee machine you’ll be using for making your deliciously brewed coffee:

Drip Coffee-Makers With Built-in Grinder

In a drip coffee-maker, a container is filled with water and it drips through ground coffee beans, having any porous surface in between. You can make large quantities of really flavorful and piquant coffee using this type of coffee-maker. However, you won’t be able to experiment a lot with your cup of coffee as the options are pretty limited in this case.

Espresso Coffee-Makers With Grinders

Espresso coffee-makers are used to make some really strong and aromatic cups of coffee at home. The quality of coffee is often similar to the one in cafés. It can be used to easily make one or several cups of coffee in the just one time. This product places high pressure to squeeze the water onto ground coffee, brewing tasteful cups of frothy coffee. One big drawback of these machines is the hefty cost which comes along the entire package. However, the cost can be made up by the excellent quality and quantity with a café-like experience at home.

Know Your Type Of Grinders

Considering the type of built-in grinders is also an integral part of buying the right type of coffee machine. The types of grinders are:

Blade Grinders

These grinders are a cheaper option to go with if you don’t pay much mind to the grind size. Consequently, the quality won’t be as good and the beans will come out all coarse and uneven. This certainly affects the overall quality of your coffee as the beans don’t release their complete essence and taste.

Burr Grinders

Burr grinders are a bit more expensive than blade grinders. But the toll can be taken on your pocket if you want a more consistent grind size. This is because the grind size determines the taste and quality of your coffee and your negligence towards better quality won’t be worth compromising a freshly brewed cup of joe.

Know the Material of Grinders

When buying grinders, it’s important to consider the right material of grinders as well. Stainless-steel grinders and ceramic grinders are the two types available in the market.

Ceramic grinders tend to be a lot more reliable as they don’t wear away with heat or other environmental factors. Moreover, they produce a better taste in comparison to stainless-steel. The downside is that they are a bit more expensive.

Stainless-steel grinders are a better option if you’re on a tight budget. These often don’t get cracked that easily if knocked or hit against something, ulike other ceramic grinders. But remember the rusting and wearing problems are quite evident with these sort of stainless-steel grinders.

Consider Size of Grinder

Whenever you buy a coffee-maker with a built-in grinder, make sure you have enough space for it as well. Getting oversized coffee-makers that require ample amount of space is often a huge problem. So make sure you buy the right size. To know more about the right coffee-making rituals, Pick and Brew will be just the right cut-out.

Check Cleaning Convenience

It often comes as a great problem to people when they have to clean the grinders whenever they’re used. It’s not as easy to clean grinders because of their intricate structure and delicate inner components. So one should always make sure to go for coffee makers with such in-built grinders and inner structure that’s feasible to wash and clean.

Check Durability

If you’re spending time and money on the choice of your coffee-maker, it’s quite important for you to consider it’s durability. Instead of going for big coffee-makers, with short-lived durability, go for the ones that guarantee a long-lasting body and finish. This is how you can make the most of the cost paid.

Consider Automatic Coffee-Makers

Instead of waking up and going about the usual routine of making your coffee from scratch, everyone loves an automatic approach to get the coffee at your service as no one minds a digitalized version of coffee-making. You can always go for tech-savvy coffee-machines and set a reminder so that the coffee starts to brew before and is ready to be consumed whenever you arrive.


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