Of course, we all plan on selling our cars! But do you think about its resale value while you are using it? If no, then you should start considering the factors that affect its values.

It is also said that the brand name of a car plays an important role in its resale, thus before you purchase your new car, do a bit background check on its history and its resale prices.

Now let’s take a look at some of the critical factors affecting a car’s resale value:

1. The condition of your car:
The condition of a car is the most prominent factor that increases and decreases its resale value, thus it is of utmost importance to maintain your car’s state as it shows its health level. Here are some of the areas you need to take care of:

  • The color of your car:
    It is necessary to maintain your car’s color because it enhances its beauty. And also it is one of the first things which your buyer will look at while you are selling your car.
  • Scratches:

While using your car, make sure that even if you have had an accident, you repair your car’s exterior and interiors properly. So be sure to hide all the dents and scratches and of course protect your car from rusting, a car storage facility to help the care of your car.

  • Mechanical performance:

Along with beautifying the exterior, it is important to take care of a car’s mechanical performance as well, because no one would like to deal with the pre-existing issues like oil leaks and smoky exhaust.


2. Mileage:

Now just maintaining your car’s looks and exterior is not enough, because even mileage plays an important role when it comes to the resale value. So remember – lower the mileage, higher will be the car’s resale value. And one of the good rules of thumb is to acquire around 10,000 miles per year so as to increase its value.


3. Service history:
Keeping a document of your complete service history will be a big thumbs up and will assure your potential buyers that you have properly maintained your car, thus this will result in an increased resale value.


4. Modifications:

Certain modifications are likely to have an impact on the car’s resale value. Although some of the buyers do not prefer going for the cars that are modified, however, there are chances that your modification may have an increase in its value provided there is an active market in modifications for the particular model of your vehicle. Thus be sure about the add-ons before you add them on.

Thus the price of a car, just like that of a house, depends on a number of factors. And if you are looking for an authentic company in UAE who would buy your car and get you a fair deal, log on to Cashyourcaruae and know the value of your car. They also help in the renewal of car registrations at renewmycarregistration, thus providing a complete package of benefits.