Taking pictures, and most importantly selfies, has revolutionized with the advent of drones. It shows how the trend of taking selfies is changing with time, moving from quadcopters, and flying cameras to drones. There was a time when one had to stretch out an arm to take selfies; however, things have now changed due to the New Drone X Pro. Many sources provide the Drone X pro review explaining the Buzz behind this Drone. These are new drones in the market which are not very expensive and have features which are in demand. This new Drone X Pro offers wide-angle image properties. Cost effective ability of these drones makes them a popular choice among users. It is also due to the fact that it has a control system identical to the one offered by professional branded drones. It has an innovative design and compact shape to be carried away anywhere. Quality and cost make it a worthy choice for a buyer.


The Drone X Pro

The is the latest drone in the market which enables larger frame and allows a number of people to join in for a perfect group selfie that everyone wishes for. This concept of drones originated from the research of two German engineers who figured out that old drones were bulky and difficult to move. So they worked on making drone which would be light, easy to fly, portable and maintain a high quality of drone. Drone X Pro is highly easy to control and can live stream videos. The hype around the drone is largely due to its high-quality camera and portability.

Two of the most important features in the drone are its flight performance, videos quality, and the stills images. Drones are also tested to approve its flying, check precision, ability to take safety actions and measures in order to avoid collision with an object. Its stability and control are checked extensively. A test is also performed for video calling by shooting a number of short clips at different frame rates and resolutions. Battery life is a big attraction for customers buying this Drone X Pro, as many photographers are travelers and require it for filming. Good image quality can be achieved by moving it down to a long flight. It’s most exciting features are:

  • self-stabilization technology with 6 axis
  • Hands-free mode
  • Wi-Fi control
  • Capable of making 4K videos.
  • Capable of bearing shocks due to high shock absorbance, scratch resistance, and impact resistance.
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Good hovering ability
  • Foldable rotor to easily slide it inside the bags
  • Designed to compact shape with high perfection


Working of Drone X Pro

Setting up the drone after buying it is not difficult at all. Anyone can do it by installing its app using a QR code to scan. This code is provided on the manual given along with the drone. It may seem difficult to control drone and fly it, but it is an easy task. These cheap drones perform exactly the same function as an expensive drone. Once you have managed to control the drone it is essential to test its camera and capability of capturing through 360º maneuvering. The remote control of Drone X Pro offers gyro settings and the drone can be easily manipulated by the phone application. Flying time is one of the most demanded features that buyers request for and take interest into while shopping. The average time for Drone X Pro is 12 minutes and it varies with the way it is operated and the wind conditions. Take off usually decreases the flight time as more energy is required during this period.

Controlling this drone makes one feel like a professional due to its advanced control system. It offers automatic flight assistance allowing the drone to land safely and make cool 3D flips. It has Gimbal stabilizer to stabilize the camera and take pictures at high speed with sharp images. This feature is highly effective when working in unstable weather conditions. Drone X Pro is a perfect choice to take pictures of landscapes from wide angles. When fully folded, the drone is almost equal to the fist and can be easily slid into the bags

Flight modes

There are three flight modes available when operating Drone X Pro:

  • Manual flight mode: suggested for skilled people when handling drone near objects that would not affect the drone too much.
  • Altitude hold: It helps to keep the altitude stable even in case the wind is not normal.
  • Safe flight mode: when one is playing with a drone near kids, with family or area where it can hit any harmful object.


Advantages of Drone X Pro over conventional drones:

  • affordable
  • Precise flight performance
  • Wide angle camera maneuvering
  • Three flight or speed modes
  • Compact and portable
  • Less bulky compared to old drones
  • less complicated
  • Good battery life


Disadvantages of Drone X Pro:

  • Flight time in actual is less then what is expected and many consumers have found its flight time around nine minutes only.
  • Its Maximum flight range is considerably less as compared to the drones belonging to Phantom series and Mavic.
  • Usually, poor image stabilization occurs. Although Gimbel is used to stabilize the images but it is not much effective while maneuvering.
  • Image quality is still and does not have much sharpness. It also has low light capabilities.
  • Manufacturers focus on the advanced technology of drones for marketing purposes such as its ability of social-sharing the images right away but in reality, it is nothing more than just a single mobile phone camera.
  • Difficulty in balancing the Drone for beginners

Advancement in technology has enabled anyone to take advantage of its benefits. The new design of Drone X Pro is definitely mind changing. These new gadgets are so simple and easy to be used by anyone. Initially, people have to stand in uncomfortable positions to take images and selfies but with its introduction, taking pictures have become much easier. Due to a large number of drones available in the market, it can be difficult for the beginners to find the best one.