The kind of immigration lawyer you have helping you, can make or break your case. Many lawyers are experienced and qualified professionals who will try their best to help you because this is also their job and they will make more money out of it. However, bad lawyers can rip you off, and fail to come through with the things they promised and could even potentially damage your case in ways that you might not recover from. You may need an immigration lawyer for various reasons, such as avoiding deportation, or attempting to get a green card or something else but whatever your reason is, make sure you find the right person to assist you through the process.  Europe is also a great place for immigration – our advice is to consult an immigration lawyer in Dublin.


We have some tips on what type of things to avoid or be cautious of:


Lawyers approaching you

The good and reliable kind of lawyers will not be approaching you, and this shows that they need you more than you need them. This is not ethical behaviour on their part and should raise some red flags for you. Moreover, good immigration lawyers will be busy practicing law and rounding up clients by offering quality work.


“Visa consultants”=RED FLAG!!

Just as you would go to a doctor to get a check up and not your friend who’s taking a course on biology, just like that you should get an official immigration lawyer to handle your immigration issues. People claiming to deal with immigration issues could potentially be dangerous and you could be losing out on a lot of money. So be extra sure about the credibility of the person you are dealing with.


Do your research

When you are looking for your lawyer, make it a point to do extensive research on the potential companies you might be selecting. Look up “immigration lawyer Toronto” and go through the result. This isn’t something you should take lightly because legal issues are very sensitive so you have to take every possible measure you can take.


Stay cautious of illegal offers

You should trust your get when it tells you something fishy is going on. Anything involves you bribing someone, or fakes something- you need to get out of that office as soon as possible. When it comes to legal matters, you should not risk doing anything that even the slightest bit outside of the legal boundaries, especially when it comes to immigration.

Shady attorneys are clever with these sort of things because they will make sure they get away clean, and you will be in a lot of trouble.


Stay cautious of empty promises

Just remember that even the best lawyers cannot guarantee 100% success. The end game depends on the immigration case who will accept or reject your application. The job of your lawyer is to make a very strong case for you that will be hard to reject. Any lawyer claiming that they are sure to get what you want should raise suspicion.