You are on a vacation and you want to rent a car, and it makes complete sense because transportation can be expensive in many countries and it is also very convenient to have your own car so you are not bound to any timings. But renting cars can be a difficult task, especially if you are in a foreign country. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when renting a car, and some things that you should be wary of.


Use your credit card

You have to be sure to use your credit card when picking up a car. You might be able to use your debit card but companies ask to check credit scores in order to ensure that you are viable to pay any kind of charges. With credit card, you don’t have worry about passing any kinds of credit checks. Also, you need to keep in mind that some agencies will put some of your money on hold, as a deposit, till you return the car back.



The older you are the better the chances of you getting the car you want. If you are 24 and even if you have a clean driving record, you might have a lesser chance of getting a car. Toronto car rental or any other countries are extra sceptical when it comes to young drivers and they are not as lenient when it comes to giving cars to them.


Keeping a minimum amount of drivers

If you are going on a holiday with your friends and family and if they all are 25 or above and can drive, make sure that you don’t let them. There is a fee to be paid for every driver which is why you should keep it to a minimum of two drivers otherwise it will result in a lot of money wasted.



We would advise you not get the insurance from the car rental because it could get extremely pricey. It should be your last resort. First you should look at other personal vehicle insurance companies that cover classic car rentals. Try giving your credit card company a call too, because they might have some insurance policies regarding car rental insurances.


Avoid airport rentals

It might be easy and convenient to pick a car up from the airport but what will happen is that you will be paying for the right to pick up right after you get off the airplane. This is something you can’t avoid because rental companies on airport premises have to pay this fee to the airports. But you can consider taking a cab to the other nearest rental shop that is not on the airport.


Fill the tank up

You had a great time with the car and now it is time to return it. But oops, you forgot to fill the tank up. The rental people will be more than happy to do it for you by charging you twice as more. So make sure that you remember to fill the tank up before you return the car, and save up on cash.

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