Cannabidiol is one of the second most popular cannabinoid found in marijuana plants. It is specifically found in high amounts in the cannabis sativa strain. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the most popular cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. This cannabinoid is responsible for the high effect which people get when they smoke cannabis strains, particularly cannabis indica. However, cannabis sativa has a greater percentage of cannabidiol rather than tetrahydrocannabinol. Which is why people who are just seeking for natural pain relief remedies tend to either smoke the cannabis sativa strain or buy a various variety of cannabidiol products which are available in the market.

Since the medical benefits of marijuana have been recognised, the availability of various marijuana products, tetrahydrocannabinol products as well as cannabidiol products has become quite wide spread. If you are looking for the perfect and high quality cannabidiol product, here is a list from which you can choose from:

  • You can directly smoke the cannabis sativa strain in a joint form. There are many shops which sell a range of cannabis strains in dried flower form, cannabis sativa being one of the most popular strains to be sold. You can easily roll it up in a cigarette form and smoke it.
  • Cannabidiol vape oil is another form of inhaling cannabidiol. The oil just has to be heated, placed in a vape machine and inhaled. It can be refilled if your CBD oil cartridge goes empty. However if you do not like the ‘high’ effect associated with marijuana, make sure you buy CBD vape juice which does not contain any tetrahydrocannabinol at all. Many vape cannabidiol oils do contain tetrahydrocannabinol. To avoid the high effect, you should get vape oil made purely from all-natural hemp plants with active CBD components. Check out best CBD vape juice for a variety of vape oils.
  • Another option is CBD capsules. These capsules basically contain hemp oil or cannabis oil. The great thing about CBD capsules is that they are very discreet, unlike smoking cannabidiol dominant strains. You can carry them with you where ever and you can administer the required and perfect dosage of cannabidiol you need. Plus, they are completely tasteless unlike the after-tastes left in your mouth after smoking cannabis. To buy CBD capsules, check out best CBD capsules.
  • Another CBD product is a tincture which is basically cannabidiol in liquid form. If you are looking to get pain relief immediately, this is the product for you. Although the concentration of tinctures is not enough, they still provide instant relief. Their effects kick in immediately.
  • CBD infused cannabis topicals are also available nowadays. This product is applied directly on the skin or chapped lips and is safe if some of it is consumed. This product helps to provide instant pain relief and a clear head if you have acne or wounds. It is completely non-toxic.

It is advised that you consult a doctor before you use or consume any of these products if you have any medical problems.