You may have heard of jeep decals. How they are installed on the jeep to give it a smart and fancy look and more importantly to make a statement. The same is the case with windshield banners. Windshield banners are not banners per say. They can easily be described as a huge decal. However, unlike a decal which is mainly put on the body of the vehicle, the windshield banner, as the term clearly denotes, is put on a windshield. It is put at the top of the windshield so that it does not interfere with the vision of the driver and is still able to make a statement. The best part about windshield banners is that you can have them put on any type of vehicle, be it a car or a jeep or an SUV. Windshield banners are a great way to customise your vehicle as well.


Where Can You Easily Find Windshield Banners

Almost every vehicle in this day and age has windshield banners or a sticker suitable for cars, like decals. Such windshield banners are available almost in every shop which sells cars, they are available with local dealers and even mechanics stock up on them.

You can find windshield banners at your local mechanic’s shop or a franchise or shop which sells cars. They offer a wide range of options as windshield banners and you can choose whichever design you like. Most shops will even give you the opportunity to have your windshield banner customised according to what you want. It can be a sign or a statement which says ‘drive slow’ or ‘who runs the world? Girls!’. It can literally be anything, the choice is up to you.

However an easier way to find windshield banners is if you check them out in online shops on the internet. Almost every shop has become online or has an online website so it should not be that big of an issue. For example, you should check out windshield banners. They have a wide range of selection for windshield banners in various sizes and styles. The best part about this company is that you can easily get that customised. It doesn’t matter what type of design you choose. They will make it for you.

You can also check out eBay, etsy and These sites also have a great number of sellers wishing to sells windshield banners and various other accessories for vehicles.


How To Install Windshield Banners

The first thing you should do is check the temperature. If the temperature is less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit then the windshield banner may become brittle. If it is hotter than 90 degrees Fahrenheit then the windshield banner may become too gummy and may not stick properly. The temperature needs to be in between 50-90 degree Fahrenheit. Clean the area you want to have your windshield banner attached to. Use a clean cloth and detergent to effectively wash that area.

Measure the area you want to attach the windshield banner. Place the banner on the top of the windshield carefully and remove the application tape.