To many foreigners around the world, it is unusual and hard to understand why Khasab is called the “Norway of Arabia”. The answer to it is simple. The narrow fjord-like inlets and mountainscapes are the most prominent feature of Khasab that give it the name Norway of Arabia. A city in one of the largest countries in Arabia, Oman.  However, if you ever visit Khasab, you will come to realize that the city is much more than uneven and extremely thrilling mountains. Khourshem Tours is a favorite for all travelers to Khasab, as we provide outstandingly extraordinary Khasab Musandam tours that allow you our customers to explore, discover and cherish Khasab like never before.

In Musandam, Khasab is one of the major and most famous points of interest for foreign and local clients. From all around the world, Khourshem tours entertains and hosts tours in Khasab, Musandam for clients who are looking for a great vacation stop. To make the most out of this beautiful city of the Musandam, it is crucial for any traveler to first understand the possible activities in Khasab, where to find the right Khasab Musandam tour packages and which ones are of the best quality and cost-effective. Tourism contributes a lot to Khasab’s economy, which is why you are going to find a lot of opportunities and tourist-related services that will be of great satisfaction. Here are some Khasab Musandam tours packages and activities that you can indulge in and have the most satisfactory vacation in the Norway of Arabia.

  • Historical heritage

Khasab has a rich history that explains many of its famous and renowned monuments and tourist attractions including the Khasab Fort or the Khasab Castle. The Khasab Fort is a beautiful, historical fort-like Portuguese architectural structure that hosts many visitors and tourists throughout the year. The fort also includes a small museum that interests many art and history lovers.

One another major historical symbol of Oman, Khasab, is the traditional Omani boats. You will find these beautiful boats at the Khasab port and the pristine water of Musandam.

  • Port of Khasab

Situated in Khasab, Musandam, the port of Khasab is a must-see sight. At the Khasab port, you will be stunned by the extensive scenic beauty around the city. The best way to experience the boat and the sea itself is to travel through a cruise. Khourshem tours offers great Khasab Musandam Tours that include Khasab Dhow Cruise packages. There is still so much left to see and discover for everyone in Khasab, and the Khasab port and the sea it take you to see is where you should start from.

  • Marine beauty and the Islands

Most of the travelers to Khasab prefer the Khasab Dhow Cruise tour packages offered by various travel tours organizers. Khourshem tours is a highly reliable and experienced tour organizer, that offer you packages and services that can take you cruising along the well-known fjord of Musandam, the highly hyped natural dolphins watching and trips to beautiful Telegraph and Seebi islands.

  • Beach camping

Are you more of a thriller and an outdoor enthusiast? Looking for some kind of adventurous and unusual outdoor activity? Then you are in the right spot!

Avail some of the most convenient, efficient and thrilling beach camping packages offered by Khourshem tours. Spend a calming and fun filled night camping by the beach, and have a break from the hustled bustled life of the city.

So that’s a list of just a few named things you will be interested to do in Khasab Musandam. Whether you are a lover of history and cultural heritage, or you like to have some outdoor adventure and something beyond your every-day big city life. From brief trips to fishermen villages to a peaceful evening at the beach, Khasab awaits to welcome you and treat you with the best possible care.

Khasab Musandam Tours range from all sorts of activities and points of interest that will please anyone, whether a foreigner or a local traveler. A traveler’s number one priority is fun and comfort, and to ensure that, Khourshem tours offer a wide range of Khasab Musandam tour packages that are not only entertaining, but are managed by and operated by some of the most experienced and excelling team of individuals. For Khasab Musandam tours, here are some important things you should consider before choosing the best Khasab Musandam tours:

  • Private and Group tours

The Khasab Musandam tours package you are going to avail should definitely match your requirements and preferences. It depends a lot on what purpose you are booking the tour for, and also whether you would like to share your time with other travelers or not. If you are already traveling with a group of people, then choosing a private Khasab Musandam tour will be a better option. If you are fond of interacting with a group of travelers who are there to see Khasab from all around the world like you, then grouped Khasab Musandam tours will be a good choice. It’s always nice to have interesting people accompany you on such lively vacations and sightseeing.

  • Price and budget

This is an important factor especially for people who are traveling on a tight budget. Khourshem tours offers outstanding Khasab Musandam tours packages at competitive, flexible rates that will allow you to have great fun at a tight budget as well.  

  • Booking procedures

Booking a Khasab Musandam Tour package can be a hassle if it requires too much effort from you. Khourshem tours understands the need of your convenience and satisfaction, which is why we let you check prices and book for Khasab Musandam Tours online from anywhere in the world. Look for a tour package of your choice, and make sure it is an easy-booking service.

  • Extra features

Extra features in Khasab Musandam tours may vary from one tour organizer to another. These extra features may include refreshments and food during the tours, extra stops at sights you see on the way, a personal tour guide or even detailed information about the spots you’re touring.


It is true that Khasab, Musandam is a region still unseen by the world. The beauty of this area takes anyone’s heart away in the first few glimpses. Travelers from around the world are stunned when they witness such under estimated beauty in Oman. Travel tours organizers like Khourshem allow you to experience and cherish this beautiful city in the best way possible.