Marketing Tips for Dentists

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Dental services are among the toughest to sell, especially that not everyone loves going to the dentist. According to a study published in 2018, six out of ten people have dental fear and anxiety. There’s also a small fraction of the population that hates dental appointments.

Aside from being a tough product to promote, the dental services landscape is also very competitive. Numerous dental clinics have mushroomed in different areas. To thrive in such a cutthroat environment, you need at least 24 new clients every month. This is supposing that the attrition rate is kept at a minimum of 15 percent annually.

Considering these challenges, it is vital for dentists to develop an effective marketing plan that can reach the widest audience.

Gone are the days when dentists rely on flyers or word-of-mouth promotion; much has changed in the way dentists market their practice. Healthcare marketer at Anzolomed shares that in  order to bring in loyal clients, a healthcare’s marketing campaign should include a mix of modern digital marketing and traditional advertising strategies.


8 Marketing Tips to Attract New Dental Patients

Here we list some effective marketing ideas you can use to gain new patients and keep them loyal.

1. Invest in a quality website

As people migrate to the Internet, it is vital to have a portal where clients can reach you. A website can be a great place to showcase your services, provide information about your practice, and present your credentials. But more than this basic purpose, a website is the cornerstone for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, mainly local SEO campaigns. Dental SEO specialists at Miromind underscore the importance of setting up a website to ensure successful digital marketing.

2. Optimize your web presence

It’s not enough that you have a website, a blog, or any other online channels. You need to ensure that your online portals are optimized. The goal of SEO is to make your website rank higher in search engines. It involves strategies that edit the website content and code so that they are picked up more readily by search engine algorithms.

3. Maximize social media

With over 2.77 billion social media users globally, setting up and maintaining social media channels is a must. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn enable you to keep in contact with existing and potential clients. You can post useful information and graphics about your services. Social media offers a great way to interact with your patients. It can also show the human side of your clinic by hosting fun events, sharing pictures, providing updates, and more. These channels enable patients to reach out to you directly through its direct messaging feature. This can help make your patients feel closer to your clinic.

4. Get your clinic into Google My Business (GMB) listing

GMB listing makes it easier for potential patients in your area to find your practice. When someone uses Google to look for a dentist, it shows all dental practitioners in your area. A GMB listing includes essential information such as office address, contact details, and business hours. It also allows clients to provide reviews about your practice.

5. Use email marketing

Stay on top of the mind of your patients by sending out regular emails or newsletters. Email remains one of the most reliable forms of communication. People read them almost every day, and more frequently than their social media accounts. Send types of emails you can send, reminders of an upcoming appointment, useful oral health tips, latest dental news or commentaries, promotional services or products, and upcoming events, among others.

6. Offer easy financing options

Dentists at Bajars and Bajars dental clinic point out that the high cost of dental services is among the top concerns of many patients. Some patients go for cheaper treatment alternatives or skip dental appointments because of financial constraints. For instance, you can offer a zero interest rate for credit card payments. Promote your financing program on your social media channels, website, as well as through flyers or posters. By offering secure payment schemes, you can attract new clients.

7. Ask patients for reviews

Majority of patients looking for a new doctor will look up online reviews. This makes it very important to have excellent client feedback online. You need them in your website, Google, Facebook and other relevant consumer forums. Ask your patients to take time writing reviews, or better yet, offer promos for every comment.

8. Participate in local events

Meet potential clients firsthand by joining local events as a sponsor. By participating in these activities, you can get your business’ logo included in official advertising materials, such as in the flyers, t-shirts, banners and informational materials. You can also offer free consultation or set up booths at these events. This can increase awareness of clients about your practice.


When it comes to marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all. For your marketing efforts to be effective, you need to assess, track and reinvent your strategies continually. Hopefully, the tips discussed above can help you stay competitive in the market.