There are many reasons facials have become such a critical part of a normal skin care regimen. Facial massage work, whether done at the spa or at home with a white jade face massage beauty tool from Anfisa, works in several ways to boost your skin appearance. It cleanses and exfoliates the skin in ways that are hard to ignore. A facial starts with a complete cleansing of the skin and then steaming, which is followed by a chemical peel, although this will depend on the kind of facial you signed up for.  It’s understandable to feel intimidated if this is your first time to have a facial. In this article, we tell you everything to expect for your first facial to ensure that there will be no surprises when you go to the spa to relax and rejuvenate.


After booking the facial at the spa, you may wonder what you should expect during your first appointment. Although there is little you should do in preparation for your first facial, there are certain products you need to ditch using until you meet with your beautician. The majority of skincare experts discourage the use of retinol because it tends to dry out the skin.  Avoiding retinol reduces unwanted sensitivity and also ensures that your massage experience is most comfortable. Also, you should avoid sitting out in the sun before your facial.

Before your encounter with your esthetician, it helps to know the goals you have. Are there specific things that trouble your skin?  Have you noticed that some products work better compared to others?

What Happens During A Facial

Although it’s possible to get that stunningly glowing skin at the comfort of your home, several people choose to have facials at the spa when they require extra help. At the minimum, a facial works in cleansing the skin pores, exfoliating dry cells of the skin, and treating common disorders of the skin. Like any medical procedure, a facial will start with a consultation with your beautician to figure out the best products for the type of skin that you have. After determining this, you should sit back and relax as the esthetician does their job. Here are the steps involved in a facial massage.


This is where your skin is thoroughly cleansed. Your skin care professional will massage a cleanser gently into your neck and face to eliminate any dirt and makeup traces.  After that, they will use a cloth, cotton pad, or a facial sponge to remove the cleanser gently from your face. This is vital in choosing the facial mask for use later on.


Exfoliation is part and parcel of most facial treatments. It helps to remove dead cells of the skin and allows for better absorption of skincare products during the treatment. Exfoliation could take many forms, depending on the treatment that you’ve chosen, as well as what you talked about with your esthetician during the consultation phase. It could be washcloth, scrubbing, or even the use of a chemical exfoliant.


The purpose of extractions is to get rid of whiteheads and blackheads. And given that they are performed with the help of sterile instruments, they are bound to hurt a little. But you could avoid them entirely depending on the treatment type you chode and your skin. But if they are a part of your treatment, expect some discomfort and redness after undergoing the facial. However, it is normal and tends to fade with time. Remember that extractions are best done by professionals because they involve the use of specific tools. You should not do it at home.


Now, this is the fun part of the whole treatment. Not only will you get your face massaged, but also the other parts of your body. There are numerous benefits of a facial massage, one of which is improved lymphatic flow in the body. Massage also relieves tension and improves skin appearance.


After enjoying the experience of a facial massage, your esthetician will then have a custom facial mask applied to your face. This is followed by sitting for some time to allow the skincare products to be absorbed into the skin.


Other Things You Need to Remember

You May Need To Undress

In some instances, the procedure may require that you get a bit light clothings-wise. If that’s the case, you will be escorted to an appropriate dressing room by the receptionist to wear massage clothing. Also, most professional spas will have a robe and a pair of flip-flops for their customers. The free-flowing and comfortable garments enable you to enjoy your massage.

Your Skin Type Determines the Kind of Treatment You Will Get

In the same way that there are no two people that are exactly similar, skin types also vary a lot. Upon meeting with your beautician, they will ask you some questions in a bid to better understand your skin type and if at all you have any sensitivities. By understanding your skin type and goals thoroughly, they are in better shape to advise you on the best facial massage type for you.

When should you see results?

Many people want instant results after their facial. Sadly, it’s never that easy. You should not expect to have a picture-perfect complexion straight after a facial. But generally, results can be seen after one or two days. Because a facial massage involves pulling impurities from your pores, you should expect some redness a few hours after you are done with your appointment.


Having a first-time facial? The whole process can seem intimidating since you don’t know what to expect. Luckily, it’s not something you should be afraid of. The process will go on smoothly for the most part, and while results are not instant, you should see some changes in a couple of days. Also, a little discomfort is to be expected, but it’s nothing much. Overall, you should gear up for a wonderful experience at the spa.

But if you don’t have the time or the resources, don’t forget that you can still have a great facial at home. You only need to ensure that you have the best white jade tool to work with.