Healthy competition builds a healthy market, and online betting in Europe can be very competitive. Each year, bettors across the continent have received a lot of bonuses from the European betting industry. European betting companies enjoy excellent security and licensing to their respective betting sites with each country’s legal framework.

Choices this many can be overwhelming for some. And it can be tough to decide where to start. European bookmakers are known to offer beginners an edge with their free bets and promotions, making it more difficult for you to choose one.

But you don’t have to be in that situation anymore. With enough knowledge, you’ll know which option gives you better opportunities at winning. Here is a guide on European betting sites for you to follow. Equip yourself with the basics and win successful bets!


Types of European Betting Sites

There are different types of setups in every European betting site. You must compare bookmakers first to know which fits you right. But it doesn’t mean that one site is better than the other; it only depends on what you’re specifically looking for and what you want to accomplish when betting online.

  • Sportsbooks

These betting sites offer sports action. The European market not only gives you great options but safe ones due to their heavy regulation. European-based sites also focus more on sports often neglected by US-based betting sites or worldwide, like cricket and football.

  • Racebooks

Racebooks is an online betting site that allows you to place wagers on horse and dog races. Though these are typically attached to sportsbooks, casinos, or all-inclusive sites, you may still run across standalone racebooks from time to time.

  • Casinos

Online casinos allow you to gamble in your favorite games as you play against the house. These games include roulette, craps, and blackjack. Standalone casinos are standard in Europe, but some sites try to cover sports betting too. If you encounter one, you must make sure that sportsbooks aren’t treated as an afterthought by the company.

  • All-Inclusive Sites

All-inclusive betting platforms offer more than one of the setups listed above, or even all of them. If an online site does a fantastic job handling all-inclusive betting, they are commendable. However, most sites end up focusing on in-demand areas and giving little to no attention to some.


How to Choose Betting Sites?

When choosing betting sites to use, there are criteria that you have to consider first. Regardless of your preferences, you have to establish deal breakers with yourself. These are qualities like security, reputation, regulation, reliability, and trust. Below is a list of tips you have to remember when choosing among European betting sites:

  • Check the Bet Types That the Site Offers

Decide on what types of bets you want to make and check if the site offers them. This is one of the significant differences among quality sportsbooks. When ranking sites, it is expected that bettors will always look for more.

  • Test Out the User Interface

After deciding on which bet to make, test out the user interface next. Is it easy to place bets on this site? Do you like the site? Do they make you comfortable? The good thing is European betting sites allow you to navigate around without creating an account. Though you can’t place bets without an account, the site will still allow you to look at lines or click through bets.

  • See the Site’s Mobile Capabilities

European betting sites offer to bet on the go, which makes it convenient for bettors. You no longer need to go out and visit your local bookmaker; you can place your bets in the comforts of your home. Quality European betting sites should give you the ability to directly place your bets on your smart device as long as you’re connected to the Internet.

  • Review Banking Options and Conditions

Before picking a European betting site, you need to review their deposit and withdrawal options first. Make sure to see if their terms and conditions work for you. Do they charge any fees or have extended time frames? Though there are no best options here, what is essential is that you’ll find parameters that work well for you.



Online betting in Europe is the best avenue for you to get into action without having to fly to sportsbooks, casinos, or racebooks. But online betting experience can be crappy if you don’t know your way around. Review the guide provided for you above to equip yourself with the knowledge that will make your betting experience worth your money and time.