A house move can be one of the most awesome things to happen in your life. After all, this move can open up a new chapter in your life. Be it within your dream house, an apartment, or even a new place to stay for work or for school – a house move can help you start fresh. However, just because you’re starting fresh doesn’t mean you have to give up some things you’ve been doing – such as maintaining your physique and great fitness. Unfortunately, wouldn’t a busy move interfere with such a goal? Thankfully, you can keep your fit body even with a busy move. Here are some tips you should start to consider:


  • Commute when submitting local documents in the neighborhood. Regardless of the nature of the move, it’s very likely that you’ll need to submit some documents and other requirements to secure your payment and other necessary files. Instead of going there via car or taxis, you might want to commute. You might be surprised how many calories you’d burn just walking around and using public transportation. This might also be convenient if your movers and packers decide to meet you someplace near.
  • Fit your fitness schedule and moving timeline into your daily routine. One of the worst things to do during a move is to force your daily routine into your moving timeline. After all, moving isn’t something people do everyday, so we might as well prioritize it now, right? Well, not necessarily – after all, we don’t want you to ruin your job obligations and schoolwork because we forced your moving schedule into your routine. Instead, you should try to fit both your moving timeline and your fitness schedule into your daily routine using your breaks, days off, and even paid leaves. 
  • Organize your inventory as a form of workout. Aside from the fact that having an inventory allows you to keep a record of what you want to keep, sell, and throw away, the act of organizing your inventory is a form of workout in itself. Imagine having to sort and resort your things back to where they’ve come from as a form of engaging all of your muscles in a span of time.
  • Integrate your workout into the packing process. While you might hire moving companies nyc to help you with the rest of your move, you can speed up the moving process by helping them pack your things as well. Not only does this put you in the forefront of your moving process and coordinate everything, you also get to exercise your overall body. You’ll get your strength training from moving boxes around and inside moving trucks. 
  • Maintain your diet and food intake. If you’re nervous about your overall fitness progress throughout the move, try to also make sure you maintain your diet and food intake regardless of how busy the move gets. While it’s great to have a cheat day or two in terms of your meals, you should try to maintain a balanced diet so you won’t gain as much weight even if you skip a few workout sessions throughout your move. 
  • Hire professionals to save some time and future expenses. Moving can be expensive, especially if you have a small vehicle and have to go back and forth just to get your things moved to your new place. Moreover, it can waste a ton of time as you and your family need to do all the packing and prep time for your move day. Thankfully, professionals such as your best interstate moving and storage team can actually help save you time. Their experience and skill set when it comes to moving your belongings can be an invaluable asset to your house move. With a moving team in charge of the busy work, you can focus on making time to continue your regular routine. 



Staying Fit In A House Move

With the tips above, it’s important to remember that a house move shouldn’t be interrupting your everyday schedule – regardless of how busy your move can be. Thankfully, the tips we’ve put above will allow you to fit your fitness schedule without any worries. Remember, your fitness is just as good as your discipline and your routine. However, everything can go in your favor with the right prep and the right planning. Stay fit before you get to your dream house!