Facebook ads have become more popular as they allow brands to specifically target their niche audience. The platform has gotten so advanced that it allows users to incorporate their top fans from Instagram when creating Facebook ads and then re-target those same users on the Facebook platform. Furthermore, brands are even able to duplicate those superfans and find others who fit the same criteria. This means that advertising dollars are spent in the most optimal way, and your campaigns are only seen by those most likely to convert. You can click here for Facebook cbo for your Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization.
We spoke to a social media agency from New York City, A&E,  who run ads for Fortune 500 companies such as J&J, Nestle, P&G, and more. Their main focus is to create campaigns that re-targeted Instagram audiences on Facebook. They noted that when running a client Facebook campaign, they identify the most engaged audience on Instagram first; Facebook makes this super easy as it allows campaign managers to do this automatically. By re-targeting superfans they are able to optimize their ROI and maximize conversions. A&E creates “custom audiences” each time for different Facebook campaigns and then identifies the following options:

-Everyone Who Engaged With Your Page
-People Who Visited Your Page
-People Who Engaged With Any Post or Ad
-People Who Clicked on Any Call-to-Action Button on Your Page
-People Who Sent a Message to Your Page
-People Who Saved Your Page or Any Post

A&E also uses influencers to construct the campaigns so that they are more visually appealing and likely to draw in audiences. Influencers serve as a third party reinforcement, and their product reviews are a lot more powerful than simple brand ads. This is due to the trust factor – audiences identify better with a third party reinforcement of the product and they like multiple influencer product reviews in one ad versus one recommendation. Multiple product reinforcement increases their trust in the brand and makes them more likely to convert.

Facebook advertising coupled with influencer reviews can be an incredible tool for brands looking to reach their target consumers. As our consumption becomes more digital, using advertising dollars wisely will become an essential skill that will provide an immense competitive advantage.