What is Fitness?

Fitness is basically defined as the state of physically healthy or fit and has the capability to perform daily activities. It might be achieved by diet or exercise. The best thing to maintain fitness is self-determination.


How can I Determine Myself for Fitness?

If you are thinking or planning for a healthy body, there must be some aims and goals .Either you are going all this for weight reduction or for muscle strength .Always divide your goals into small parts. it will provide you with a feeling of relaxation and make you uncomfortable.

Following things must be kept in your mind

  • Everything needs time for a change so don’t feed up so early
  • Always start from a small level of fitness
  • Appreciate your look without any hesitation
  • Just set a goal in your mind and let it win with your efforts
  • Still believe that success is not so far, you just have to work hard

Easy Steps to Maintain a Body Fit:

If you are worried about your body, you are looking for something best that will change your body shape. You must have to follow just these simple tips

  1. Exercise Daily:

Add some physical activity in your daily routine. Spend at least one hour on your body. Do some workout, but make sure it is not hurting or irritating for you. You must have to change your workout after 15 days. Exercise helps to avoid cardiovascular diseases, depression, blood pressure and many more. Do practice as fun, not a burden or to spend time on the body. Your exercise may also include:

  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Jogging

Exercise not only fit your body but also relax your mind. It will also help you for better sleep which plays a vital role in fitness

  1. Eat Right Food:

Always concerned about your diet that what you are eating and what you have to eat? To eats, fruits and vegetables are the best way to fit your body. Because it contains all the essential nutrients which help our body to stay fit. Don’t eat less but eat carefully. Always eat nutrient-dense foods rather than focus on calories.

Try to eat in portions if you eat 3 times but the day .It is not best as if you eat 6 times per day by dividing your food into small pieces. It will give you a feeling of satiety and allow your digestive system to work correctly.

The most important thing which you have to keep in your mind is that you never miss your most important meal which is breakfast. It can disturb the rhythm of your body and researches show that if you skip your breakfast, there are chances of hair loss, cancer, heart failure and lack of cognitive development.

Always eat a balanced diet which includes all the major nutrients, e.g. Carbohydrates, protein and Fats. Also, focus on minor and trace nutrients. Drink plenty of water to boost up your metabolism. Try to eat alone.

  1. 7-8 Hours Sleep:

Good sleep is a basic component of fitness.7-8 Hours of better sleep are necessary for a healthy body as well as the mind. It helps to recover from muscles pain which is caused by exercise because body releases growth hormones during sleep. Metabolism also boosts up maximum absorption takes place. Good sleep also gives relief from stress and depression.

Good sleep also control body temperature

Regulates the blood glucose level

Boost the immune system

  1. Stay Hydrated:

Water is significant for fitness. 60% of human body is made up of water because it operates all the functions in our body. Drinking plenty of water also helps in weight reduction that also help to get a body in proper shape.

Why drinking plenty of water is essential for fitness?

  • Water help in controlling calories
  • When you are hydrated, kidneys work correctly and also glow the skin
  • Always bring a water bottle with yourself


  1. Stay Motivated:

Firstly, you have to change your perspective. Then set a goal which you want to achieve, schedule up your daily routine.Always remember the reason why you start and focus on your achievement and success.

  • A person who looks depressed may be felt unpleasant to do a workout.
  • Best way to motivate yourself is by fulfilling small measurable goals
  • Enjoy your workout and make it fun
  • Reward yourself
  • Think positive