Custom Bobbleheads – How Do I Get A Personalized Bobblehead?

Have you been dreaming of having your own personal “action figure”? Nowadays, you can easily do that by creating the bobblehead figure for yourself. There are lots of custom bobblehead service providers that can easily do that for you. Moreover, for the price of $50 – $100, you can get yourself a great bobblehead that you can place on your desk or any other place that you prefer.


Getting A Personalized Bobblehead

It is very easy to get started creating your own personalized bobblehead. You just need to prepare a picture of yourself that you will use as a model for the bobblehead figure. Make sure that the picture shows the best pose of yourself.

With just this one picture, a professional custom bobblehead maker can get the figure done for you for a few weeks. But, you have to ensure that the service provider is a trustworthy one that can provide high quality crafts at a relatively low cost.


Some Custom Bobblehead Ideas

Aside from creating the bobblehead doll from your own photo, you can also create it in various ways according to your preferences. For instance, you can create the figure based on popular sports players, cats, dogs, scientists, zombies, and so on. You can use this figure for various occasions as well, such as the wedding, office meeting, and family gathering.

You can choose only one figure per stand or you can add other figures on the same stand based on your choice. For instance, you can create bobbleheads of you and your bride on one stand if you want to use it for your wedding. Or, you can create the doll of you and your family members on one stand to memorize good moments in the family.


Some Details Are Important

Whether you choose to create a custom bobblehead based on yourself or you want to create a scientist bobblehead, you have to remember that some details are very important. The figure that you get will be stylized based on the photo that you submit to the service provider. So, you have to keep an eye on some details.

For instance, if the photo that you submit has you grinning or smiling, then the bobblehead figure that you get will have the same expression as the one in the photo. Also, if you wear some accessories in the photo, it will also be reflected on the end product. The key is that the end product will be matched as closely as possible with the photo that you submitted.

So, if you want to highlight some details, you should let the service provider know about it beforehand.



If you want to have your own custom bobblehead, first you have to ensure to give the best photo of yourself, with the right expression and the right accessories or any other details. Then, you have to provide as much detailed explanation about how you want the bobblehead doll to look before the service provider starts working on your order.

You also need to know whether you need only one figure on one stand or you want to add more figures on the same stand. The rest is just waiting for it to complete and delivered to your address.

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