Five impacts of digital technology to our lives

With the improvement of technology, most people cannot live without the internet now. Although digital technology brings a lot of advantages, such as globalization and convenience, we still need to pay more attention to some topics like network security in this LifeDigital Wiki.

Digital technology shortens the distance between you and me

Nowadays, you may easily reach your family or friends from different countries, this is all thanks to technology. You can also visit various websites or watch live broadcasts like NBA and Olympic. But sometimes you will need to use a proper tool like VPN to break the geographical restrictions.

Automation brings more convenient life

Through smart technology, many tasks that must be handled in life will be handled by machines. People save necessary labor in daily life to get more free time. Take robot cleaners for example, you can save the  sweeping time to do other creative activities.

Everything is customized

Your daily habits and footprints will be transformed into an important data database. Through personalized big data analysis, it is possible to create a customized living environment for everyone. For instance, Netflix will recommend the movies you may be interested in, or Amazon will promote the products which always meet your needs.

It’s hard to tell the truth from the false

The Internet is full of various information. Sometimes it may be difficult for us to distinguish between true and false. If we spread false information, it may cause unnecessary panic and even legal problems. Moreover, everyone should cultivate the ability of independent thinking and media literacy to avoid losing the opportunity to understand the world from different angles.

The crisis of cyberattack

Network security is definitely a topic that you cannot ignore. If you think that the risk of personal devices being attacked is low, you may be wrong. Since 2020 February, cyberattacks have dramatically risen amid work from home. Personal information and company confidential data may be leaked and improperly used by hackers at any time. There are many methods to help you prevent this problem, including not opening unsolicited links, updating all software and systems in real time, and using VPN when surfing the Internet.

People apply digital technology in all areas of life, we not only enjoy the benefits it brings, but also need to understand possible risks and try to avoid the problems by using the right methods. Hope you enjoy this digital life!