How Marketers Can Leverage Digital Signage

For those of you wondering how digital signage works, you set up a screen that acts like a TV and you have it receive a signal. Just like how your phone receives information from YouTube to show you videos, your digital screens receive information from KitCast to display the videos you set up. How your TV receives the information is up to you, most digital screens connect to the Internet, or you can use a streaming box to connect to your screen. Once you have your digital sign up and running, you can start running your marketing material on it. Here is how marketers can leverage digital signs.

People Are Addicted to Screens

It is no surprise that digital screen are becoming so popular. The fact is that people are addicted to screens. They are looking at their phones, TVs and PCs all the time. If it is not in digital format, then people are not interested. It sounds like some sort of parody joke you may have heard on late night 00s TV, but it is now a fact rather than an eye-rolling personality quirk. If a beautiful bird were to land in the middle of a shopping center, more Smartphone cameras would be looking at it than actual eyeballs. Marketers can leverage digital signs through the simple fact that people are addicted to digital screens.

Expose People To Your Content Without Their Consent

It sounds a little harsh, but sometimes, people don’t know a good thing when they see one. Sometimes, you have to ram a good idea down their throats. A digital sign forces people to be exposed to your ideas or products, even if they do not want to be. Even if people are trying to ignore your digital sign, their natural instinct is to look at something that is moving. Even without sound, you can convey ideas and offers to people and there is little they can do to ignore it.

You Can Pay People to Create Digital Sign Content That Sells

If you are having trouble getting your marketing material to convert people, then consider hiring a digital marketer to make your promotional material for you. There are quite a few pieces you could have created that are generic enough to run over and over again. The same is seemingly true of many of your offers if you run them once or twice per year over and over again. Plus, you could take what the digital marketer creates, and then keep updating it yourself. In short, there are many ways you can hire a digital marketer once, and then reuse that person’s work in varieties of different ways rather than having to pay the digital marketer to create new content every time you have a new marketing campaign.

There Are All The Usual Selling Benefits

Since a digital sign or electronic message center board offers you the ability to host videos and moving pictures, it has all the usual benefits to marketing. Even in basic terms, you can show people a problem that they may have, and then show how your product or service is the potential solution. There are plenty of ways your visual displays can sell to people, here are just six ideas to get you started:

  1. Showing demonstrations of your products
  2. Highlighting your unique selling points
  3. Comparing your products to your competitors
  4. Showing off the aesthetic appeal of your products
  5. Explaining how your product works
  6. Showing people the benefits of your product