The writing apps startups are hugely used nowadays by several writers. These app startups generally help the new writers with a platform to start their writing profession. Guided by able professionals, it can help the newcomers to share their stories to a large audience or write a reaction paper thanks to websites like


Here are some of the most popular apps startups that are used worldwide.

Hippo Reads – This is a media company that provides a compelling intersection of academic insights and real-world issues. Their curations are written by top researchers within a range of disciplines. They help to connect recommended academic, journalistic reads and the topmost running questions of the time.


Scribaroo – This one helps the culture creators of the world in sharing their dream and creativity. This provides them a hosted web platform with featured designs to overcome common problems like expensive custom designs, insufficient features, high learning curves, limited self-branding opportunities etc.


Werdsmith – This online platform connects writers, storytellers, poets, novelists, playwrights, screenwriters worldwide. It turns your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch into a portable writing studio. That’s the reason millions of writers rely on this. Writers enrolled with  have used and learned a lot from this platform.


Inkitt – This app gives you free access to amazing pre-published novels from each and every genre. You can read the works of different writers here online and offline. Also, you can share your novel here with readers to get their valuable feedback, build your own community and get published by Inkitt.


Widbook – This one is a simple and powerful way to discover as well as share stories in the form of e-books. You can discover a new and unknown world of undiscovered e-books with this digital collaborative community.


Byliner–This is a global platform that publishes original fiction and non-fiction e-shorts of several writers from worldwide. It also publishes long, literary journalism online in the form of e-books. You can enjoy short writings of different creators here as well as can publish your own to get reader feedback.


Phrase-up – This app assists you with writing by finding and filling-in suitable words for you which you’ve forgotten or can’t remember at the moment. It uses a patent-pending algorithm to assist you to find the just phrase to complete your sentence. Thus it’s very helpful for new writers. Experienced writers associated with this platform to deliver error-free content.


Beneath the Ink – This particular app platform enhances e-books in a funny and interesting way. They provide lots of fictions by several writers here from worldwide. Their enhanced version is featuring over 100 Binks. Readers here can experience something totally different that they can’t find anywhere else or never seen before.


Git-Book – This is a modern publishing platform and suite of publishing. This makes it easier to write and maintain high-quality documentation. You can share knowledge here, boost the team’s productivity and also make the users happy all at a time. This modern and clean layout searches quickly and helps to focus on a single content.


Airwalk Design – This is a semi-curated social stadium for discovering fantastic design inspiration and provides brilliant design resources. This information technology platform provides a range of IT services to its clients. This is also one of the top-most brands that provide stunning icons for all sorts of apps.



So if you’re looking forward to progressing your writing or bring some new interesting modification in your writing style, then you must consider these amazing writing apps startups. These will definitely help you to get more creative ways of innovation and modification. You can also save your valuable time by using these.