Improving one’s writing skill is a never-ending process. You can’t be perfect ever with your writing. So if you’re planning to write a blog or something like that you must focus on some necessary points as grammar, punctuation etc.

Here’s a list of checking tools that’ll make your work way easier.

Edubirdie – If English is not your native language you may find spelling and grammar really tough. Fear not as there is a spellchecker from EduBirdie and it can help improve your college work and essays. English written is notoriously quite difficult – the word order can be confusing and it is easy to make mistakes. Using the EduBirdie spelling and grammar checker, you can avoid anything like that. It not only corrects your errors but also looks at words and if they have been used correctly in a sentence.

The checker is really easy to use – you just upload your file or paste your text and it does the hard work for you. The processing time is also fantastic. I can have a fully checked essay in a matter of seconds. Without this tool I don’t think I would be doing as well in my college work – it’s helped me get top essay marks.

Grammarly – This is one of the most popular grammar checking apps used by millions of writers all over the world. It provides free online text editor and browser extensions for several search engines. It’s capable of correcting over 150 types of errors including grammar, punctuation, writing style, spelling, sentence structure etc.

White-Smoke – This app checks your text errors as well as generates a report stating review and rate of your writing. Its rating is based on 6 main factors – sentence structure, words, expressions, voice, length, and redundancy. It also provides fruitful suggestions for the betterment of your writing. Writers working with use this tool quite often for getting error-free content.

Ginger Online – It has lots of useful options and features. It comes with 3 unique pricing systems – free, basic and premium versions. It can integrate with MS Word. This is the reason it’s one of the most used checking tools for smart correction of grammar, punctuation and basic things.

Language Tool – It’s capable to correct grammar in multiple languages and that’s why it stands apart from the competition. Once you download their software, you can have access to the whole. It even detects minute grammar mistakes that other tools miss sometimes. They give a free online trial for new users.

After the Deadline –This is available both online and as a plugin for different applications. You’ve to copy and paste your text here like other tools. It’ll show you the errors in no time. Also, you can see explanations and suggested corrections here. It integrates with WordPress. Writers working at check their content here to deliver error-free content.

GrammarCheck – It’s one of the most traditional grammar checker tools in the world. It’s easy to use and works nicely. It also supports various formats. That’s why people rely on it while checking up different kinds of materials with it. It’s a simple and useful software solution to check your text within seconds.

Online Correction – This online checker finds out the grammatical, punctuation, spelling and stylistic errors in your text. It also has an autocorrect feature. You can see all the corrected mistakes on a different page. It offers several English dialects (British, American and Australian) and comes with a minimalistic design.

Paper Rater – This online checker is used to check spelling errors as well as plagiarism. It’s a completely free online checker. So you can use it simply without any download or installation. That’s why it’s favorite of many freelance writers, bloggers, and students. It has over 10 billion stored documents on servers which help to mark plagiarism.

SpellCheckPLus Pro – This is a useful free online checker with decent features especially for non-native English speakers. It uses quite a different system to analyze texts in comparison with others. It simply marks the errors in your texts but doesn’t provide any suggestion, correction or feedback.

Hemingway App – This app corrects your mistakes, counts a number of adverbs and passive voices, and analyzes your writing skills while giving you a readability score. The score is based on the clarity of your text. It comes with two versions – a free online version and desktop tool. It also suggests you how to improve your writing.


You’ve to first understand your own requirements and applications in order to choose the right checker app. Check the features of all these tools and then only choose the right one for yourself. These will certainly help you to become a better writer.