Many cafeteria visitors wish for a certain culinary variety. Although most canteens successfully satisfy hunger, many employees wish for alternatives to the tried and tested. Should companies rely on food trucks? What are the advantages for companies and employees?

Whether for catering, events or the regular lunch business, food trucks are quickly at hand to offer a delicious and often unusual meal. They are flexible and independent and can offer their delicious menu wherever there are hungry people. Especially in areas where there are few or no gastronomic alternatives in the neighbourhood, food trucks can achieve great success. These are often industrial estates or business parks without canteens. Food trucks can quickly establish themselves here and will soon be accepted as an integral part of the lunch break.

But what about those places where people already have a catering service, like a canteen? In fact, food trucks offer various advantages for employees, truckers and the company, even if they already have their own canteen on site. Companies with canteens should therefore not fear food trucks, but see them as an enrichment. They offer a colourful addition to the menu and should not be seen as competition, but rather as an additional offer. Sometimes a food truck can even relieve a canteen if there are bottlenecks. The food truck’s offer can expand the basic canteen offer in a sensible, tasty and cost-effective way. In Germany you can find a variety of Foodtrucks at

Food truck operators should try to contact companies in order to achieve cooperation. Companies can also initiate contact if they would like to rent such a food truck. Through a cooperation, the companies actually have many indirect advantages, because employees are happy when exciting food offers them a distraction from the demanding everyday working life. Food trucks can thus contribute to employee satisfaction and the success of a company. In addition, the entire location around the company benefits, because food trucks always offer a culinary variety.