Ensuring the safety of your loved ones is a complicated and stressful job. Your security concerns can be eradicated with the help of a credible and convenient security system. When it comes to the best home automation, there’s nothing better than Fort Knox. Over the years, Fort Knox has built an impeccable reputation when it comes to Dallas Home Security.

The security-tech giant offers an immaculate amount of tech and equipment in order to ensure the safety of your loved ones. So without further ado, let’s get into some of the interesting features offered by Fort Knox.

Video surveillance Systems:

Fort Knox offers an interesting range of highly innovative and versatile video surveillance systems. This includes a set of easy to install, low on maintenance yet robust cameras in all sizes and shapes. You can select from a range of site specific surveillance cameras such as the Outdoor – Indoor cameras. Some of the video surveillance tech has been listed below with their particular features.

Outdoor Camera:

The outdoor camera has been specifically designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Its sleek design makes it almost incognito when placed strategically outside. You can connect your camera with your Wi-Fi and monitor any movements on the outside of your house. Other than that, the system also allows you to record videos and take photos. Just connect your smartphone with the camera using Wi-Fi and you can monitor at the convenience of your smart phone screen from anywhere in the world.  It is loaded with the following exciting features


  • Cloud Storage
  • 1080 Resolution
  • Night vision
  • Motion Detector
  • Live video stream
  • Wireless Wi-Fi Connection
  • Real time updates


Video Doorbell Camera:

The video doorbell camera is an ingeniously designed portable camera that allows you to monitor and control your doorbell without actually getting from the comfort of your couch and making it down to the door. Once installed at the door it allows the user to monitor, record, respond and receive live updates as soon as someone rings the doorbell. The doorbell camera also referred to as the SkyBell Slimline allows you to receive updates as it has been strategically synced with motion sensors. As soon as someone walks up to your door, you will receive a notification on your smartphone. One interesting feature that comes in handy with this doorbell is the fact that you can actually set your doorbell to silent and only receive notifications. Some really cool and beneficial features also includes


  • Wireless connection via Wi-Fi
  • Live Updates
  • Motion sensors
  • Live streaming
  • Two-Way automation
  • Monitor remotely
  • HD video
  • Water proof and weather resistant
  • Night vision
  • Cloud Storage

Two-Way indoor Camera:

The Two-Way Indoor camera has been specifically designed to be portable, fuss free to install (it is absolutely wireless so you don’t have to worry about wires messing up your indoor ambience) and discrete. You can conveniently install it on the ceiling, on a wall or place it on any shelf or table because of its flexible mounting features.  Just sync it with your devices so that you can easily and remotely monitor from your smartphone. The camera is sleek and waterproof.  So you don’t have to worry about any unfortunate spills especially if you have little kids at home.

The camera comes with an easy to follow guide if you are interested in personally installing it. Or you can use the help of the trained professional installers at Fort Knox to install it for you. It also comes with the following features


  • Cloud Storage
  • Wi-Fi Sync – You don’t have to worry about wires at all!
  • Remote monitor
  • Motion sensor
  • Pet alerts
  • Night Vision
  • Accessible form your smartphone
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Easy to mount – sleek design


Alarm System and Home Automation:

Apart from the ingenious video surveillance systems Fort Knox also caters with high-tech Alarm and Home Automation services and devices. The company provides breach-proof Geo-Fencing and Alarms.

UL – Certified Alarm Surveillance:

This impeccable and hard to breach alarm system ensures that all your exits and entrances are full-proof secured. Fort Knox provides a wide array of highly compatible and credible alarm systems. They come with an essential inbuilt pet control so you don’t have to worry about any false alarms.

Law-enforcement Monitoring:

Fort Knox has competitively collaborated with essential law enforcement and medical agencies. With an immaculate response time of just 13 seconds you will be able to get in touch with medics and law enforcement stationed at the UL certified CSG. This particular feature sets Fort Knox apart from any other competitor.

Smash Proof systems:

A lot of the times burglars think that they can get away with smashing the security panel of the home security systems. Well that won’t be possible with the Fort Knox’s system. With an inbuilt instant live sync the law enforcement will be notified as soon as something happens to your control box.

Fire and Carbon dioxide coverage:

Fort Knox also ensures maximum security by providing alarms and sensors that monitor your in-house CO2 and fire smoke levels. This provides the extra yet essential security back up if something was to go wrong within the vicinity of your property.

Fort Knox offers some great deals and packages. Some of the most interesting packages available have been mentioned below. You can visit their website for additional plans and offers.

View 360 Ultimate:

This highly affordable package includes an impeccable video surveillance and Home automation. Some of the interesting features include

  • HD cloud storage
  • Additional Limited offer cameras including – Indoor, outdoor and Doorbell camera
  • HD video cameras
  • Night Vision
  • Virtual/Geo-Fencing
  • 4G LTE connections
  • 2 Way voice sync
  • This package comes with free installation – activation and a 24/7 customer service.


Control 360:

  • Geo-Fencing
  • Remote control monitoring
  • Two-Way sync
  • Accessible from your smartphone
  • Cloud Storage and HD Video
  • UL certified Alarm Sensors
  • Free installation and activation

Sign up now for one of the above mentioned packages or call Fort Knox’s customer service to, guide you for a customized offer. Keep your loved ones safe and sound with Fort Knox!