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Putting slides together can seem too simple for many people. At least that’s what many believe. So, it comes as no surprise that PowerPoint presentations gained its undesirable notoriety for being boring, atrocious, and counter-productive.

The drudgery of ill-conceived slides extended from classrooms to boardrooms. Still, the cycle and the stigma can be broken.

After all, PowerPoint continuous to come up with exciting new features that keep it relevant when it comes to presentation technology. There are also many PowerPoint templates that help even the most clueless presenter come up with winning presentations that truly deliver.


Your Secret to Giving Great Presentations

Professional and amateur presenters alike swear by PowerPoint templates. If you think that those life coaches and startup superstars painstakingly created their slideshows from scratch, chances are you’re wrong. These days, many people, even the professionals, go to premade PowerPoint templates such as those provided by Free PowerPoint Templates, or FPPT.

FPPT is one of the leading authorities when it comes to free PowerPoint presentation templates, as it has over 10,000 templates in its site. The portal has a wide and diverse array of PowerPoint templates for everyone’s presentation needs in school, at work, or practically anywhere.

In fact, a quick browse over its hundreds of categories will show you just how cast FPPT’s PowerPoint template collection is. From dozens of countries to fashion, to bitcoin, and everything else in between, FPPT has it.


Still, it’s not hard to look for the template that you need. FPPT makes it easier for you to find the perfect presentation template for your specific topic, theme, and needs. You can choose from the categories displayed, search your template by color, type your keyword on the search bar, or click on the most used tags, if applicable. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that you won’t lack choices. It’s up to you to pick and choose which one you like most, and if you still can find anything, you can easily resume your search. One thing is for sure—with all the FPPT templates, there’s definitely something for everyone.


The templates are fully compatible with a variety of presentation tools, not only Microsoft PowerPoint. For example, you can open the presentation templates in Keynote, LibreOffice or even Google Slides.


Get the Benefits of Using High-Quality Templates

Unlike other portals that offer unimaginative, run-off-the-mill slide designs, FPPT offers complete, high-quality presentation template packages that you can download for free, without needing to register an account. This means that aside from well-made, professionally designed title slides, you also get inside slides with a variety of layouts and designs to blend variety and cohesion in one classy look.


You can wow your audience with an outstanding title slide and then sustain their interest with everything else you have in store with the rest of your deck. The professionally designed templates from FPPT also make branding and recall easier, as you can easily insert your logo or use a unified color scheme to reinforce your message to your audience.


With FPPT, you can also make the most of PowerPoint, as the layouts and designed are compatible with PowerPoint’s features and formats. This way, it’s easy to further customize the slides to suit your needs or add the objects that you want, such as text, columns, tables, charts, graphs, shapes, images, and so many more. The diagrams (including presentation templates for popular business models) can be customized as per the user needs.


Using FPPT’s high-quality templates also ensures that the background and other slide objects appear optimal especially when you project them on a large screen. There’s no need to worry about pixelated images or unclear backgrounds that undermine the beauty of the rest of your presentation.


FPPT Has You Covered

Whether you’re just starting out with presentations, a student in need to show a report in class, or a professional wanting to inspire others, FPPT can help you. Aside from templates, the portal also offers a wide range of presentation resources, so you don’t have to look anywhere else. For example, in the presentations blog you can find interesting articles on how to accomplish common and uncommon presentation goals, from creating an animated countdown timer in PowerPoint with digital counters or prepare a resume presentation for your next job or career.

Animated countdown timer created in PowerPoint


FPPT also has a library of PowerPoint animations, effects, slide designs, backgrounds, and many other objects that you may need for different topics or purposes. For example, there are a number of captivating text effects and 3D images that you can simply insert to your already existing presentation. Doing so will add more spectacle to your slideshow or serve as a welcome visual relief for a heavy topic. There are also short videos and animations that can help you further drive home your message or emphasize a point to your audience. Furthermore, there is even a blog page for helpful tips, tricks, and additional resources to enhance your presentation and help hone your presentation skills.


Free Professionally Designed Resource for Presenters

Exploring the FPPT portal is not only easy—but it’s also free. This means you can go ahead and check out the templates that you like, take a closer look at their features, and even download them without paying fees or getting a subscription. You can even give any template a whirl so you can try which ones really fit your topic or presentation needs.


This is because FPPT is eponymously free for everyone. You can download as many templates and other objects and resources you like without any obligation. All you have to do is to use the template and create an amazing presentation that will impress and inspire your audience.