People will tend to choose the traditional way rather than trying what is better. Well, maybe because conventional methods are more established, trusted, and being used by many. For example, women mostly use sanitary napkin because it is used, and it is cheaper, but there are a lot more than you know about these sanitary napkins.

There are adverse effects of using it because it is made out of harmful chemicals like dioxin, rayons, pesticides, and some substances that are harmful to our health. However, it is not yet too late to try other alternatives that are better than these regular pads. Try this menstrual cups that most women are talking about, unlike pads it is more convenient to use. Here are surprising reasons why you should consider using a menstrual cup than pads.


It is Safe For your Vagina

Your vagina is a sensitive organ of your body, and everything near to it should be safe and clean most, especially your hygienic sanitary tools like pads. However, these sanitary pads are no longer safe for your vagina. It is made out of harmful chemicals like dioxin, which is a toxic substance that is used for bleaching and contains herbicide.

Other harmful chemicals are rayon, pesticides and odor neutralizer and if frequently exposed to your genitals can lead to severe complications like pelvic inflammatory, endometriosis that causes severe pain of menstruation, cancer, and hormone dysfunction. To avoid these, you can switch to use menstrual cups, it does not correlate with toxic shock syndrome, plus it is made of medicinal and antibacterial properties.


Less Leakage

Upon using menstrual cups, you will gain confidence throughout the day as it is leakage free compared to your regular pads. It is giving you enough protection that does not harm your vagina from contained bacteria. It can hold the blood up to 12 hours without changing from time to time. If you have a heavy flow, you have to choose menstrual cups that are suitable to your needs and most women nowadays are using daisy menstrual cup because of its excellent performance.


You Can Save Money

You might think that sanitary pads are cheaper, but if you look at it for a longer perspective, you are going to buy dozens of pads every month compared to just get one menstrual cup. Do not confuse yourself; you read it right. There is no need for you to buy all over again because it is reusable up to 10 years depending on the brand you are using. It can save you a lot of money, and now you can use this savings to satisfy yourself while you are battling symptoms of menstruation. Now you can afford your cravings!


It Is Eco-Friendly

It is good to know that somehow you can help your mother earth while getting the benefits of using menstrual cups. It safe to you and the world you are living in. Imagine how billions of tampons and sanitary pads you are throwing to the world that causes a lot of harmful effects to many people and all living creatures. There are a lot of ways why it is eco-friendly, one of them is the decrease of waste since it is reusable unlike your regular pads there is no need to throw it.


It Is Very Accessible And Provides Convenience In Every Way

For women who are already diagnosed to endometriosis, (a disease that can be acquired from frequent usage of pads) it is recommended to use a menstrual cup instead because it can accommodate random heaviness of the flow and can decrease the amount of pain caused by cramps. Menstrual cups are commonly one size fits all because it is flexible. Other companies offer a variety of sizes according to your flow.


All of these harmful chemicals can go inside your body just because you are afraid of trying other alternatives. There are other options you can use during menstruation that are safe for you and can help you manage menstruation better. After all, you deserve to get all the comfort you need during your menstruation. Menstrual cups can be the answer to all your worries as it is safe to you and to the environment plus you can save money out of it. Unzip your mind, step out from the old ways and go ahead and try a better alternative like menstrual cups.