Freestanding bathtubs are elements of bathroom furnishings, which are currently very popular. They are suitable for both classic and modern interiors. Which free-standing bath to choose to enjoy a comfortable bath?


Is a free-standing bathtub comfortable?

This question is asked by many people who are considering a free-standing bathtub. This model is usually placed in the central part of the bathroom, which helps to relax and guarantees maximum relaxation. It enhances the pleasure of bathing, especially if you choose the whirlpool option.

Thanks to its large capacity, the free-standing bath tub provides optimal comfort of bathing. Thanks to it, we can relax in a truly royal style, transforming an ordinary bath into a beauty ritual. In this respect, there is no more convenient solution.


What to pay attention to when choosing a free-standing bathtub?

Although the freestanding bathtub is mainly dedicated to large spaces, the market will successfully find variants that will fit into smaller rooms. When choosing a model, you should therefore pay attention primarily to its size. It should correspond not only to our needs and preferences, but above all to the size of the bathroom.

In the case of free-standing bathtubs, it is not only the length and width of the model that counts, but also its depth. Again, this parameter can be extremely varied and ranges from 38 to 50 centimetres. The most shallowest are the so-called shower trays, whose depth does not exceed even 30 cm. This solution is particularly recommended if the elderly live with us, who could have problems with entering the deep bath.

When choosing a bathtub we have to bear in mind that the depth and height of the model are two different dimensions. The height usually includes the frame and legs of the bathtub.

The shape of the bathtub is also important. It should be adapted to the ergonomics of the bathroom, our individual preferences and the style in which we intend to furnish the bathroom. Among the solutions that enjoy the greatest recognition are the following:

  • oval bathtubs,
  • rectangular bathtubs,
  • asymmetrical bathtubs.


What the market offers

There are currently many manufacturers and dealers on the market who have a wide range of free-standing bathtubs at their disposal. If you have already decided about the size and shape of the bathtub, it is worth thinking about the design. You can choose the model of the bathtub depending on the general design of the bathroom. German free-standing bathtubs dealer has large selection of freestanding bathtub models in all sizes and shapes – like classical model– SIERRA. The round shape fits into almost every bathroom. The aesthetics inspire with its simple and classic form. SIERRA offers sufficient space and is also ideal for a romantic bathroom for two. Opera model with Its elegant oval shape is not only an eye-catcher but also a great choice for those who have a little more space available.


Is a freestanding bathtub practical?

The functionality of the free-standing bathtub is another aspect that should be taken into account when deciding on this model. At the outset, it is worth saying that this variant harmonizes with practically every style of arrangement, starting from retro and vintage decoration, through classic, rustic and Scandinavian concepts, and ending with modern and industrial trends that adhere to minimalism. Thanks to this versatility, it is the variant of choice.

The free-standing bathtub impresses with its appearance. It introduces elegance into the room and adds chic and refined character to it. In order to achieve a unique interior climate, it is worth to locate it in its central part. This does not mean, however, that a free-standing bathtub cannot stand by the wall, in the corner of the bathroom or under the window. All solutions are possible, which makes it an extremely practical solution. But it all depends on the ergonomics and the size of the room.