When you are preparing for high stakes exam such as PTE Academic, it is natural to give in to some doubts from time to time. You will most likely be studying or working at the same time and might have the additional pressures of running a family. All of this can add up. Therefore, it is very important that you plan your PTE studies and figure out the right PTE preparation path for you.


Planning is the key in your PTE preparation. You can grab some of the free PTE study plans on a site like Sure Way English. You must spend a minimum of a month preparing for the PTE exam. How you spend this time will vary depending upon your individual circumstances. If you are confident of your speaking skills and have done well on the PTE speaking practice questions, you can spend the minimum required time on speaking. Instead spend that time on areas which are your weaker points.


What does this tell us? The need for properly assessing ourselves.


You should be crystal clear on which areas to focus upon. This is the only way you will get the best results from your preparation time and effort.


Unfortunately, human beings are not too good at self-assessment. We often need a mentor or a guide to point out our weaknesses and suggest areas of improvement. This is why PTE coaching companies like Sure Way English recommends PTE aspirants to tie their preparation around a PTE course. In a course you get not just the study materials and the lectures, it does much more than that. It gives a definite purpose and shape to your preparation.


Whether you take an online course or sit in a classroom, you must be sincere and stick to your plan. Do not think that you can skip studying on weekdays and make up for it on one long weekend. Language skills improve slowly. It is as much about learning, as it is about letting the new things settle down in your mind. In that context, it is much better to spend just an hour everyday than putting in ten hours on a Sunday.


If you are taking an online PTE course, like the ones on Sure Way English, treat the video lectures just like real classroom interactions. The online courses have the option of communicating with the tutors. So, if you have any queries, don’t wait or hesitate. Just send an email to your tutor right away.


Just because the course is available anytime online, people tend to not follow a schedule. Don’t let this happen to you. Set aside a fix time and duration every day for watching these lectures. Your sincerity will ultimate reflect in your score.


The last part of the preparation puzzle is practice. Get as much practice as possible, but not at the compromise of quality. There are plenty of free study materials available on YouTube, the only issue being their quality. You will gain nothing by doing 100s of these poor quality questions. Instead just focus on a few genuine PTE standard questions. If you have been careful in the selection of your PTE preparation resource or course, you will have access to genuine materials. So, make sure you put in sufficient thought while option for a PTE course.


There is no way to guarantee an outcome other than to focus fully on the preparation and dedicate yourself to the goal. We hope you do the same for your PTE Academic exam and achieve your desired score soon.