Gardens in Germany have a unique format. Hardly anywhere else in the world there is such a place for relaxation and recreation. However, this does not mean that only the Germans have chosen their garden as their favourite place. It differs quite individually from nation to nation, how the green paradise is arranged.


Unique traditions

Parks and gardens made in England are well known for their meticulously cut lawns and well-kept roses. A striking feature of Japanese gardens is the use of beautifully shaped stones. The question remains, and what do Germans prefer for their gardens?

The garden gnomes, which are often used and settled in German gardens, are a big hit and well-known everywhere. They are popular all over the world and are exported to all parts of the world. Some love these gnomes, others hate them. Still others regard them as a symbol of the bourgeoisie. But one thing has been proven: They deserve recognition and respect! According to estimates, there are more than 25 million garden gnomes in German gardens alone.


A place for all occasions

What is also striking about the German gardens is their high standards. They are ideal as a playground for the little ones, are equipped with paddling pools and fences all around for privacy and sound reduction. The garden houses serve as shelters for garden tools or are the ideal place for coffee and cake in rainy weather. It is not unusual to have a television set installed in the garden so that you can spend entertaining television evenings with friends and acquaintances in fine weather in this place of relaxation. You can find some more information on quality German sheds here:

Of course, the garden house should not be missing in any allotment garden. If you want to buy a garden house and a garden fence, the price alone should not be the deciding factor. Just as important is the quality that these products have to offer. What joy do you get from an inexpensive fence or a cheap hut if they rot after a short time? This not only looks ugly, but also endangers the health of visitors and children. It is better to dig a little deeper into your pocket and mount one of the high-quality privacy fences. They are a visual eye-catcher and fit into any type of garden.