It’s often a miserable sight to see them on the road – most people who try to pimp their own car fail miserably. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about attaching stickers or laminating dents. Many “home tuners” simply dare to do more than they should.

Who doesn’t know the tuned 96’er VW Polo from the neighbourhood, whose crooked shock absorber throws sparks at the 30’s bump and on whose tailgate is half torn off.

If you want to make your car more beautiful, you don’t necessarily have to do this in an expensive workshop – and even undoing it is easier than you think.


How to improve your car correctly

Giving your vehicle a certain individual touch can be extremely costly if you have this project carried out in a professional workshop – but there are alternatives. Many conversions can actually be carried out in your own garage and on higher quality vehicles without risk. This also includes changing the color of the paint! With spray foil from Folidip, this is easy. The spraying foil can be sprayed on individual parts or the entire vehicle. The difference to a normal paint is not to be noticed. In addition, the film layer protects the natural paint. In case you want to return to the original colour of the vehicle, it can be easily removed. The film leaves no residue. In addition, the spray film can be used to cover slightly damaged areas on the car. However, if the damage is too severe, the repair with epoxy resin (It is called Epoxidharz and can be bought on this German webpage) can be worthwhile.


Setting accents

If you don’t want to change the colour of your whole car, you can also use spray foil to set accents. There are special spraying foils for rims that can withstand the difficult conditions so close to the asphalt. They can also be removed without leaving any residue.

In this way you can be on the safe side not to mess up the whole car. Even if it turns out later, that you don’t like the paint any more, you can easily restore the car to its original condition.

Be an individualist – Do you have a basic car version? Not a big deal, the interior can be quickly individualized for little money and thus hide the traces of several years of use. Just trim or paint the worn-out steering wheel, cover the holes and scratches in the upholstery with veneer, and replace broken plastics and buttons with new ones. This is not expensive at all.

Renovated and pleasant to the touch – The steering wheel skin area, gear lever and handbrake fold gives you the feeling that you are dealing with the most expensive version of the car. This way you can also hide traces of wear and tear.

You can modify the car as you like, but it usually costs less than buying a richer version of the model in the saloon. Maybe we don’t sew out the car ourselves as it was done in “Pimp My Ride”, but a light lifting of the car is able to change the face of an old car. The scope of the investment remains a matter of the goal we want to achieve. If you only think about a better price at the time of resale, it is not worth too much strain on your home budget.