If you are looking for an honest review of GCG International before signing up with this broker, you have come to the right place. Every word you read in this review will be truthful, so that you find the information helpful and honest. As a result, we believe you will be able to take a well-informed decision about your trading career. So, GCG International is quite a popular online broker these days. New and experienced traders seem pretty interested in signing up with this broker. But will they be happy after they have done so? Will they like this broker? Let’s find out.

GCG International – All the Good Stuff

·        Great Trading Account Segregation

The first thing you have to admire about this broker is the way it has designed its trading accounts. They are complete and designed for every trader, regardless of his/her experience in trading. The best thing is that you can even try trading with the demo account. You get access to the demo account without paying anything to the broker. It is a perfect simulation of the market and how you will execute your trades when you join the real trading platform. When you start with the real account, you will have to make a deposit and trade with real money.

What you are going to like about this broker is that it gives the option of Islamic account as well. If you are a Muslim and you can’t sign up with a regular account due to the swaps, you can join the Islamic account. In this account, you do not incur any interest for holding a position overnight.

·        Withdrawals and Deposits

Are you going to feel okay when you deposit your funds in your trading account? Will you be able to withdraw your funds with ease? These are the important questions you have to ask yourself when joining an online platform where you have to deposit some money. you have some easy withdrawal and deposit options available with this broker. If you want to deposit money in your account, you can use your Visa or MasterCard credit card. You can use the same method to withdraw money from your account. However, you have to keep in mind that you will have to provide some detailed personal information to withdraw the money from your account.

·        Trading Terminal

No matter how much a broker claims that its services are the best in the industry, you will not feel that way unless you are made to sign up on the right trading platform. The trading platform that you use for trading can have a direct impact on your profits and losses as well. First of all, it should be easy to learn without requiring any professional training. Secondly, it should come equipped with all the great options that help you trade. Furthermore, you should be able to trade within seconds using your trading platform. Last but not least, it should be accessible from just about any device that you own.

When you see the trading platform from GCG International, you will find out that you are going to be using MetaTrader 4. It is the best trading platform out there and you will get access to it regardless of the device you own. You can download on your computer or smartphones if you want. Better yet, you can use its web terminal, that you can use on any device without ever facing any compatibility issues.

·        Trading Instruments

Will you be stuck with only a particular type of trading instrument or asset when you sign up with this broker? Well, your experience is going to be quite the contrary of that. You will access a lot of tradable assets when you sign up with this broker. You have access to forex currency pairs that you can trade within seconds. You can trade stable currency pairs and those that have a lot of volatility in their prices. You can trade stocks as well, and these stocks include companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and many other well-known international enterprises. You can also trade indices if you are not into trading solo stocks and commodities.

 GCG International – The Bad Stuff

·        No Regulation

There are a few areas on which the broker should definitely work. It has to realize that modern traders are well-informed because they have access to the sea of information through the internet. They know how important regulation is when signing up with a broker. In addition to that, they also realize the importance of information. Unless you give them full information about things, you can’t expect them to sign up with you. If you are a trader, you will notice that the website of this broker lacks a lot of information. You do not have any information about the account types or the assets that you can trade.

You do not even get straight to the information that would tell you what leverages you can have on your trades and what margin requirements are that you have to meet. Another point that will make some eyebrows raise is the non-availability of a phone number on the website. Yes, people like to send and receive emails, but not when they are in a hurry. So in addition to the email on the website, the broker should have definitely put a phone number as well. This phone number could have been used by traders in cases of emergencies. However, there is no phone number for you to use to get in touch with the broker.

Final Thoughts

There are some great and some not-so-great things about this broker. You can’t find a perfect online broker anyway. However, if you look at the features provided by GCG International, a lot of the things that traders need have been covered by the broker. Yes, it is not the best broker on the internet, but you can’t call it the worst either. It provides some decent trading services to traders from around the world, and can definitely earn some more reputation if it gets regulated as soon as possible.